Your Retirement Without Money

Love Ya Mom and Dad

Best intentions when planning for retirement don’t quite cut it. Unless you plan to move in with your kids on retirement day, you need to take retirement planning seriously during your entire working life. Without money you will have entirely different retirement than the one you planned for.

Plan your retirement to avoid unpleasant surprises

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You Can Take A Different Route

Your kids love you and you love them but do you want to move in with them the day after you retire? Probably not.  Remember that when you don’t feel like thinking about saving money. Think about looking at your in-laws over coffee every morning when you are retired the next time you get a raise or bonus and blow it instead of investing it into your retirement account. Every time you splurge unnecessarily on a fancy restaurant think about your grandchildren teething in the room next to yours.

Invest Early, Invest Often

It will take your entire working life to save enough money to retire comfortably. The earlier you start investing the less you will have to invest over the long run so why delay, start today