Without Health & Happiness, Skip Retirement

Be Happy, Be Healthy In Retirement

You need to be able to lose yourself in retirement; if you cannot then just keep working and skip retirement.  Retirement is supposed to be stress free, playful and the ultimate time of your life.

Step #1 – Plan Before Leaving

You need to plan for the second half of your life, your retirement, long before you leave the work force.   During your working years avoid losing yourself  in your work.   Too often individuals focus so much on work that they forget to develop their life outside of work.   Yes money is important, but without hobbies or interests to spend your money on, why bother.

Develop your interests during your working years so that you can continue or build upon them retirement.

Step #2 – Your Health Is Everything

Before and during your retirement do your best to stay healthy, it’s the key to a happy retirement.   Some say that health is just as important in retirement as having enough money.   To stay healthy so that you can enjoy all of your new passions, you need to have the proper attitude.

  • Your Attitude

You are only 3 steps away from retirement success

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A positive attitude will conquer any retirement obstacles that may come your way.  You will maintain your health and also life longer with a positive attitude.   To help yourself maintain your optimistic attitude associate with people who are positive; avoid those who are negative.

Of course, as you age your body will slow down and you will have aches and pains, being negative about it will not improve your situation, but being positive can.

  • Your Diet

Eating right was important during your working years and more important during your retirement years.   Avoid heart disease and strokes by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid highly saturated  foods and drink plenty of water.

  • Your Activity

Exercise is for all ages.   Just because you are a seasoned citizen does not mean you get to skip exercising; there are just different types of exercises that seasoned citizens get to do.

By exercising regularly you will feel better and maintain your strength.    Never exercised before?  It’s never too late to start.   Check with your doctor on what exercise routine works best for you.

Step #3 – Get Out

Get out of the house, avoid being a couch potato, develop your network of friends.   A close circle of friends helps keep a positive attitude, will improve your health and may even extend your life.

You can join existing groups or develop your own based on your interests.   Just do it, get out.