All Financial Planners Are Not Equal

When you are ready to use a financial planner, you need to find one that works for you.  Not all financial planners work the same way; so you need to find one that you can work with.   Financial planners sometimes specialize similar to the way doctors specialize.

Pick The Financial Planner That Fits Your Needs

The purpose of a financial planner is to give you financial advice that helps to advance your financial needs.   A good financial planner focuses on your needs not general financial needs.   If you select a planner according to your financial needs  and their experience instead of just focusing on the cost of their services you may be more satisfied with the end results.

How To Interview A Financial Planner

Before selecting your financial planner you need to interview them.   You want to make sure they understand your financial needs and issues before advising you on a financial action plan.

You need to be open to answering personal financial questions that the financial planner may ask you.   Just remember that the planner needs to ask these questions to help them help you.  They cannot advise you without knowing your financial history and financial situations.

You need to determine what makes them qualified to address your personal financial issues.   If your financial needs center around retirement planning, make sure they have experience in that area.   For example, if their expertise is disability insurance, you surely want to know that before you pay for their advise on retirement planning.

Learn From Others

financial plannersAsk them for references.   That may sound a bit pushy, but when you are spending money on financial planner fees, you want to know ahead of time whether your money will be well spent.   It’s your money so you need to be pushy.  You also want to make sure the financial planner has the back ground and experience to keep your portfolio from dipping in value.

Ask the references if the financial planner performed the tasks requested.  Ask if the results were as the reference had anticipated or were they disappointed.

Financial advice can be cheap unless supported by results.   You want to work with a financial planner that can show results.   They don’t have to be the greatest financial guru in the world, they just have to be able to give you good, solid financial advice that you can grow from.