No Money, No Problem

money or downsize

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No Need For Money To Retire

Who needs money to retire? You do. Unless you plan on downsizing to a very, very, very small space you will need money for survival in retirement.

If you want to retire without downsizing start by ignoring misconceptions about money such as: money is the root of all evil, it will not make you happy and rich people are greedy.

If you want to enjoy your retirement learn the truth about money. It is not the root of all evil, it will not make you happy but it sure helps, rich people are not greedy they just practice frugal spending and saving habits.

Avoid Financial Sabotage

When you retire you can only shrink your space down so much; after that you may become claustrophobic.

If you are not already a frugal spender it’s never to late to learn how to be. Living on less than you have in your retirement investments is step one. Following a budget is step two. Step three is to be flexible. If you overspend one month that’s okay, don’t beat yourself up, just rein in your spending the next month.

Determine Your Relationship

If you are confused about your “relationship” with money, you can change that. Avoid sabotaging your retirement by learning that you do have a “relationship” with money, everyone does.

Believing that money is bad or you are more virtuous by being broke is one type of relationship. Understanding that money is neither bad nor good just a means to an end is another type of relationship.

Don’t Fight It, Enjoy It

You worked 40 or more years for the day you could retire, now you need to enjoy it. Downsizing to a certain point is fine, but if you end up in a space the size of a gold-fish bowl, can you handle the confinement? The answer most people would give would be negatory!  What’s your answer?