How To Make Sure You Retire Some Day

If you want to retire some day, but are not sure whether you will financially be able to ever afford retirement, you are not alone.   Many investors have felt the negative impact of the markets on their portfolios over the last few years.   Many investors are concerned that the drop in the value of their portfolios will delay their retirement.    Let’s talk about how to rebound.

It’s All About Spending Wisely

Your approach to investing for retirement has to be your attitude.   The key to  successful retirement investing is to have a positive attitude about spending.   If you are frugal during your working years the result will be having more money for your retirement years.

Earning money does not come cheap; it requires your time and effort.  So do not waste the time and effort you put into earning your money by throwing that money away.   If you waste money on useless things, you waste your time and effort earning that money.

If your portfolio has dropped in value, you have no control over turning the market around; but you can adjust your attitude and turn around your spending habits.

Invest Wisely

Successful Retirement PlanningA wise investor does not put all their eggs in one basket but instead diversifies.

You do not have to be a financial guru to invest wisely, you just have to be a practical investor.   By practical we mean that you have to spread your risk around.   Do not invest one hundred percent in one type of investment, instead split your investment money up among different types of investments.

Use a financial calculator to determine based on your age, time horizon and level of risk tolerance which types of investments you are most comfortable with and then split your investment money between those investments.

When financial planners talk about different types of investments they are referring to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash.   When these financial experts discuss investments they may also refer to different asset classes within mutual funds.  This means large cap, mid cap, small cap and international mutual funds.

Can You Stay Retired?

You can make it to retirement, but whether you stay retired will depend upon how much you have squirreled away in your investments during your working years.    You can get all the financial advice available, but if you are not implementing and following that advice, you will not get ahead.