You’re Retired! Now What Are You Supposed To Do?

You’ve longed for the day that you no longer have to report to work.  That day is here, why do you feel so lost.   Maybe you planned for the financial side of retirement, but not the fun side.   You need to change that; here’s a quick review about what retirement is all about.

Things You Can Do During Your Retirement

#1 – Continue To Work

If you are not too comfortable with full time retirement, you can retire part-time and work part-time.  Whether you need extra retirement income, health care coverage or are simply bored; part-time work should tackle all three.

#2 – Volunteer

Give back to your community.  Churches, charities and non-profit organizations are always in need of your time and talents.   Be a mentor.

#3 – Travel

Retirement is the time to catch-up on those travel plans you always put on hold during your working years.  Cruise lines cater to “seasoned citizens” with prices and destinations.   You can join travel clubs.  You can buy a motor home.  Go out and see the world.

#4 – Get An Education

Take classes, learn something new.  On the serious side, get a degree.   Take fun classes, enjoy yourself.

#5 – Reignite Lost Relationships

Work years are hard on relationships.    Retirement is the best time to rekindle your  relationships.   Spend more time with family and  friends.   Your family misses you; reconnect with those family members whom you probably miss also.

What are you planning to do with all the time you have upon retirement?

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#6 – Hobbies Are A Big Draw

Expand your interests, polish up on old hobbies.  Dust off your golf clubs or  tennis racket.   Put some air in your bike tires and off you go.

#7 – Start A Business

You have the talent, you just never had the time to start your own business.  Retirement gives you lots of time; and your talent is a given.   You can funnel that talent through a consulting or internet business; your opportunities are endless.

#8 – Remodel vs Move

Your home may be too big now that you’re retired, however, it’s still home.  So instead of attempting to sell your home in this lousy market, spend a little money on remodeling.

#9 – Get A Pet

A pet brings such joy to a home.   You can always count on a dog or cat to be with you through thick or thin.   They don’t care what you look like, how much money is in your retirement account or if you leave your socks on the floor (although the sock thing is iffy).  All your pet needs is love; give them love and they will give it back to you tenfold.

#10 – Kick Back

You have worked hard your entire career, your retirement years are about you.   If you want to kick back and do absolutely nothing, that’s okay, do it.