Your Financial Planner In Strange Places


financial planner

photo by evolutionaryparenting

Financial Planner 101

Personal image is everything when it comes to choosing a financial planner. You struggled and worked hard to save enough money to retire; you don’t want to lose one cent of it due to sloppy follow through on your part.

Do Your Homework

Like any other profession there’s good and bad, a financial planner is no different. When you set out to find one be sure to put them through the paces. Interview them and observe them very carefully.

  1. Check out their office. Is it clean and up to date? Is their desk messy and unorganized?
  2. Are they dressed appropriately?
  3. Would you introduce them to your mother?
  4. Would you refer them?
  5. Do they offer good financial advice or do they just do what you tell them to do?
  6. Are they a good listener?
  7. Do they answer your questions no matter how silly they are or do they evade the question?
  8. Are they prompt?
  9. Do they make you wait?
  10. Do they give you their undivided attention or do they take phone calls during your appointment?
  11. Do their manners measure up to your standards?
  12. Do they have an office staff or are they a one-man-show?
  13. Is their staff respectful?
  14. Do you trust them?
  15. Do you feel comfortable talking with them?