Find Out If Retirement Is For You

How do you even know if you will like retirement, you’ve never done it before?

Retirement will be so different from your work life that you may be surprised and not even like it.  Sure you have visions about retirement, but visions are not always reality.   Think long and hard about retirement while you are still working.

After you make the commitment to retire, it’s usually too late to turn back.

Most employers will not rehire you after your security badge has been deactivated.  Plus today’s job market is so tight, it’s better to keep a job than quit and realize you goofed; it’s a struggle to find a new job.

Before retiring you need to look at retirement from a different perspective, just to make sure it’s what you think it will be.   Your retirement will be a new beginning, a new life, a new chapter.

Learn To Manage Your Retirement, Before Retiring

It’s An Attitude Thing

Start by managing your attitude.    When you retire you do not suddenly turn old.   Retirement is a not an age thing, it’s an attitude thing.   It’s okay to retire.  The transition from working years to retirement will be easier if you approach it with an attitude of wisdom and experience.

Many individuals who reach retirement age cannot pull the trigger to retire due to the fear of being labeled “old”.   Your attitude about retirement will age you more than your birthdays.   Give yourself permission to retire.

It’s About Time

  • Time

When you retire you will have lots of free time on your hands; more time than you may know what to do with.   You will own your time; not your boss.  You are free to manage your time any way you want.

  • Keep A Schedule

During working years you’ve been used to keeping a schedule.   While transitioning you may want to keep up some type of light schedule.   Develop a plan, making your schedule a part of that plan.

  • Yes Dear

You will be seeing more of your spouse than you did before (they may have a few ideas about filling up your schedule).  You will have more time together.  Plan things to do together and things to do separately, it helps maintain a good relationship.

What’s Next|Retirement Is All About You

Retirement heaven

Image by Grand Velas Riviera Maya via Flickr

What do you want to accomplish during the second half of your life?   Retirement is a beautiful thing, it gives you the time to ponder that question.

Staying Active Is Critical

  • Socially

Your relationships could change when you retire, but that’s up to you.   You may lose common interests with your former co-workers, but you could always develop new points of interest with them.

Join new clubs and groups.   Volunteer at your church or charity organizations.

  • Intellectually

When you retire, you will not lose your intellect, don’t let anyone tell you that you will.   Remember, you do not suddenly turn old at retirement age, unless you allow yourself to.

  • Physically

You may become even more fit when during retirement than you were during your working years.   You will have more time to devout to exercise and a proper diet.

Retirement is not something to fear.   You will only fear it if you approach it with the wrong attitude.