Debt Forgiveness Or Debt Relief

Which Is Better? Debt Forgiveness Or Debt Relief? If you tell yourself that achieving a debt-free lifestyle is a fantasy and simply unattainable, you could be correct. But maybe with some help, you can achieve that lifestyle. The first step towards debt free-living is to clean up any outstanding debt you may have. Sounds logical, right? The … Read more

How Do You Know If You Need Debt Management Help?

debt management

Are You In Debt Management Mode? How often do you think about your personal debt? Most of us typically don’t really start thinking about it until our debt becomes unmanageable and we need to kick into debt management mode. At that point we feel a bit helpless because it feels as if our debt is controlling us. Living in debt overload is filled with anxiety … Read more

Why Live In A Debt Trap?

debt trap

Are You In A Debt Trap? What’s A Debt Trap? It’s simple, a debt trap is out of control debt or debt overload. You may be suffocating in a debt trap and not even know it. Or you may be completely aware of your debt troubles but not know how to eliminate them. Let’s talk about how you can … Read more

Good Debt And Bad Debt

good debt and bad debt

Good Debt And Bad Debt, Really? How To Tell The Difference Between Good Debt And Bad Debt Sure you can make the argument that there is no difference between good debt and bad debt. The simple reason for that is that some financial experts consider all debt to be bad. In many ways, that is true. If your debt is unmanaged it can negatively … Read more

If You Think You Need More Money Than You Make, You’re Wrong

more money

More Money Is The Answer, Right? Once You Make More Money, Everything Will Be Okay The most common money concern that financial advisers hear from their clients is that their paychecks are never big enough. They translate that to mean that their client spends more money than they make. The basic solution from a financial adviser’s perspective is that their … Read more

Stop Running Out Of Money

Make Budgeting Your Life Line For Saving Money If you never seem to have enough money, live pay check to pay check and are drowning in debt you may just need a financial life line. You do not need more financial advice on spending less or skipping the café lattes; you read about that advice all the time and … Read more

Your February Resolution Is A Financial One

Financial Resolutions Desperately Needed In February If you seem to start out a new year making lots of promises to yourself to improve your financial habits you are not alone. If you fall short of achieving those promises about mid January, you are also not alone.  Making new year resolutions is easy, accomplishing them is the hard … Read more

Debt Consolidation Spells Relief

Debt consolidation

Spell Relief With Debt Consolidation If you are stressed out and in overload mode about your debt you may be looking into debt consolidation. It may seem like an easy way out of your debt crisis but before you consolidate any of your debt you may want to take a step back first. By consolidating your credit card debt, auto loan … Read more

Debt Got You Down?

Are You A Slave To Debt? If you are overwhelmed by debt you may feel like a slave to that debt. It may feel as if you will never get out of from under the burden of it. If you worry about it day and night, you need to do something about it before it suffocates you. Debt is okay … Read more

Same Old Story With Credit Card Debt

Still Using Same Excuse With Credit Card Debt?   Got Credit Card Debt? If you are giving yourself the same old excuse about your credit card debt enough already, find a new excuse or make some changes. If you are drowning in debt only you can stop piling it on. You are responsible for your money, take ownership. You can … Read more