6 Tips To Save Money On Your Insurance

reduce insurance costs

With the price of everything going up nowadays is it even possible to find ways to reduce any of your expenses? Yes there is a way to reduce your expenses!  Believe it or not there is one expense category where you can reduce your cost and not have to sacrifice quality. That expense category is … Read more

Credit Insurance 101

Credit Insurance

If your financial planner suggested that credit insurance could be good to have but you’re not sure because you don’t know a lot about it, read this article. The intent of this article is to help you understand what credit insurance so that you can ask your financial planner or lender the right questions. This insurance … Read more

Is Financial Fitness Possible?

Financial fitness is possible

Assessing Your Financial Fitness Financial fitness is possible.   Everyone has the opportunity to be financial fit, the question is how to do it.  It’s not as hard as some make it out to be.  To be financial fit, you need to focus on a three key areas. #1 – Your Insurances You should review and … Read more

How Did Your Credit Score Get So Bad?

You didn’t do anything wrong, so why is the financial industry telling you that your credit score is lousy? Why is the mortgage banker telling you that due to your credit score you are being denied a mortgage loan? Why is the interest on your credit card statement more than your monthly payment and the … Read more

How Important Is It To Improve Credit Scores

Improve credit scores for lower interest rates

Improve Credit Score | Depends On What You Want Your credit score is only important to you if you want a mortgage, a credit card or an auto loan.  If you want low insurance premiums, low-interest rates on loans and credit cards your credit score is also important. Now, if you aren’t looking for any … Read more

Learn Your Credit Score Basics, One, Two Three

Credit score basics

If you don’t like the interest your mortgage company quoted you because it seems a bit high; or the interest rate you are carrying on your auto loan is too high, you  should find out what your credit score is.   You could be overpaying on interest because of your credit score. Improving credit scores … Read more

Financial Risks|Retirement Planning Can Be Risky

Financial risks

Your Retirement Planning Has Risks You worked hard to build up your retirement investment portfolio.  As a good investor you should be aware of the different types of risk that can affect that portfolio, especially your retirement money. There are many types of retirement investment vehicles; 401k plans, IRA, annuities.   Remember that regardless of the type of investment vehicle you have invested your … Read more

Why Should I Bother To Improve My Credit Score?

credit score

You may not care about your credit score but others do.  Take the time to improve your credit score, it will be worth it. Credit scores determine your creditworthiness. Anyone you do business with or anyone who extends credit to you cares about your creditworthiness and your credit scores. If you want your financial life … Read more

Use A Financial Professional|Keep More Of Your Money

financial services industry

What does the financial services industry offer most investors?  They offer help.  Help with saving money, help with financial direction and commitment. The main goal of a financial service professional should be YOU and YOUR financial goals. Financial professionals should help you find ways to keep more of your money in your pocket. If they are … Read more

3 Steps On How Can I Improve My Credit Score, Fast

improve my credit score

To keep more of your money in your pocket, have you ever considered improving your credit score?  Unfortunately, credit scores are the last thing folks think about when they find money tightening up. Improving your credit score is not hard to do, it just takes a bit of effort on your part.  The speed at … Read more

The Benefits of Improving Credit Scores

improving credit scores

You’ve heard it over and over again…learn your credit score, monitor your credit score, guard your credit score and value your credit score.   But do you know why?  Do you know why credit scores are so important to your finances?   Do you know why a number on a credit report is so vital to your … Read more

Steps On How To Improve Your Credit Score

How To Improve Your Credit Score

If you are paying more for your auto insurance and home insurance premiums, you might want to look at your credit reports and credit score.   If you have to pay higher interest rates on your auto loans or mortgage loans, it could be on account of your credit reports and credit score. Financial institutions … Read more

Improve Credit Score|Lower Home Insurance Premiums

home insurance

Exactly what goes into determining your home insurance premiums?  And why do you feel like you have no control over it? Many factors are used by insurance actuaries to determine home insurance rates.  You may be surprised to know that credit scores have a big impact on insurance rates.  If you can improve credit score, … Read more

4 Steps To Unsolve The Mysteries Of Credit Scores

The Mysteries Of Credit Scores

Is your credit score a mystery to you?  It shouldn’t be!  If your credit score is a mystery to you, you need to solve that mystery.  How to improve credit scores shouldn’t be a mystery either. You should know your credit score better than you know your passwords,  spouses birthday, children birth dates and wedding … Read more

Improve Credit Score | Pay Less For Everything

Improve Credit Score | Pay Less For Everything

Why does everyone seem to be making such a big deal about credit scores?   It’s just one more number to remember, right? wrong!!  Your credit score is a crucial figure that’s used to determine what you will pay for things. If you like overpaying for things, then just ignore all of the credit score advice.  … Read more

5 Steps To Building Your Financial Foundation

financial foundation

When a building is constructed it needs a strong foundation to withstand the test of time and the environment around it.   The same holds true for your finances. If you are to financially withstand the test of time, you need a strong financial foundation.  If your financial foundation is weak, it will crumble. Everyone’s financial … Read more

Life Insurance Settlements|A Financial Tool

Life settlements and Policy cash value

Under certain circumstances your life insurance policy can be used as a life settlement. In tough economic times, life settlements tend to be on the rise; but they are not a good financial move for every life insurance policyholder.   Check with your financial planner before making a commitment to a life settlement transaction. If your financial situation changes, maybe … Read more