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Forecasting Your Future Finances With A Retirement Planning Calculator Wikipedia defines retirement as the point where a person stops employment completely. Semi-retirement is when hours of work are reduced. Early retirement is retirement before the age of eligibility for support from government or employer-funded sources is available, thus making early retirees rely on their own … Read more

7 Early Retirement Rules

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Retired life is the promise of 7 day weekends, they say. Early retirement without enough money is the way you break that promise. You spent a lifetime investing in yourself. You calculated your assets, inventoried your investments, focused on efficiency and value, streamlined your spending. Whether you realized it or not, you, became your own … Read more

The ABC’s Of Your Retirement Investing

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Are you still questioning why you agreed to have monthly automatic withdrawals taken from your paycheck and deposited into a retirement plan? Are you thinking about all the things you could be buying with the money going into that retirement plan? If you are then you need a quick refresher on your retirement investing ABC’s. If the only reason … Read more

3 Basic Retirement Planning Questions

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Have you ever felt like you’re having a retirement planning disconnect? Do you feel overwhelmed because of everything you read and hear about retirement planning? Not sure where to start? Well you are not alone. Lots of people have that same retirement planning disconnect. Unfortunately many people give up too easily because they think that … Read more

21 Retirement Secrets To Live By

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The Top 21 Retirement Secrets Are there really retirement secrets that will make the process of planning for your retirement easier? Well, that all depends upon how you view retirement planning. Do you have a love-hate relationship with retirement planning? You completely comprehend that saving for your retirement is a necessary evil, right? But, finding the money … Read more

Retirement Is Risky Business

Why Retirement Is Risky Business Are You Risking Your Retirement Years? Retirement is risky, it’s a big life changer. As you get closer to retirement age you become more and more aware of that reality. Once retired you will not longer have a steady stream of income; your work based friendships may slowly fade away; you will … Read more

Early Retirement Extreme

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Are You Trapped In Early Retirement Extreme Logic? With today’s economic challenges seeming so endless, is an early retirement goal too extreme for most people? The desire to retire early is a common one but with the stresses of job overload, widespread job losses and the increased cost of food, housing and health care is early retirement practical, financially speaking. It’s easy to forget … Read more

Retirement Risks

Retirement Risks? What Retirement Risks? Do You Know Your Retirement Risks? Retirement is such a colossal undertaking and taking that plunge can be a frightening jump for many. Not only do you have the standard concerns such as outliving your money, maintaining your health and using your new freedom and time properly to avoid boredom but you have … Read more

401k Contribution Limits Are Irrelevant

401k Contribution Limits Are Not Important 401k Contribution Limits As Mere Numbers Unless you have the instinct to save and invest, 401k contribution limits will mean very little to you. Without the knowledge and acceptance that you will need 40 working years to save for 30 retirement years, 401k contribution limits are just figures listed within your employee manual. … Read more

Retirement Planning The Easy Way

Retirement Planning As Easy As 1-2-3 Why Is Retirement Planning So Hard? Planning for retirement can be difficult because the particular financial event you are planning for is years and years away. And, your current financial needs are more pressing. Sound familiar? It is common for retirement to be one of those future financial needs that fall off … Read more