Are You Prepared For A Retirement Budget?

The Importance Of A Retirement Budget Financial strains are psychologically easier during our working years because we receive a stream of income. If that income does not match ones expenses and there is a financial pinch, cash flow adjustments are made. Budgets are refigured, spending is cut and if possible we work some overtime hours to make up for any monetary slack. … Read more

Planning For Retirement Your Way Or Not

Does Planning For Retirement Still Mean Having It All? Planning for retirement was not supposed to be so financially challenging. Financial logic says that if you observed conservative spending habits during your working years and started investing when you got your first job, you could save enough money to live on during your retirement years and have it all. Is that still possible? It can be. Focus On What … Read more

How Open Are You To Planning Your Retirement

Be Open About Planning Your Retirement Retirement is a big step. Exchanging full-time work for full-time retirement can be an emotional transition. Throw in the financial aspect of retirement and it can be quite overwhelming. You can avoid becoming overwhelmed about planning for your retirement if you allow yourself to look at planning differently. The Basics: Gotta … Read more

2 Hot Tips On Borrowing From 401k Plans

2 Important Tips On Borrowing From 401k Plans #1 – Cheating Your Retirement Borrowing from 401k plans in a financial pinch may sound like a good financial strategy in the short-term but is it the right move for the long-term? Never forget why you invest money into your 401k plan…for the day you want to leave the work force, … Read more

Retirement Calculator Reduces Retirement Worries

A Retirement Calculator Can Be Magical Got Retirement Worries, Get A Retirement Calculator If you have retirement worries, you are not alone; most people worry about retirement. There are 4 major worries most people have about it. If you want to reduce your worries, find a retirement calculator; it can resolve 3 of the 4 major retirement … Read more

Does Retirement Have To Be Your Finish Line?

Retirement, the finish line

Retirement, The Ultimate Finish Line Most people dream about the perfect retirement life about half way through their career. When the work days get longer and longer, the work become tedious and you start to wonder where all the time went, you start dreaming about what life will be like once you retire. You dream about all … Read more

Should You Max 401k Contribution Limits?

Do You Always Benefit From Maxing Your 401k Contribution Limits? Before you answer that question you need to review your personal financial circumstances and goals. There are situations when maxing out your 401k contribution limits will be of great financial benefit to you; however, other situations may be a financial setback. Here are 3 situations when you … Read more

Planning For Retirement Are You?

The New Way Of Planning For Retirement If you are under age 50 and planning for retirement, you may want to stop. In case you haven’t heard, the new retirement lifestyle will require you to live it while you work. The old version of retirement consisted of collecting your gold watch, receiving your pension paperwork then fading into … Read more

Is Investing In Stocks Out In Retirement?

Is Investing In Stocks Old School? Have ya heard? Traditional retirement may be on its way out, it’s becoming old school. Traditional retirement life may be on its way out but is the traditional methods of retirement planning, investing in stocks, also becoming obsolete? The Old Retirement Life Yes the days where retirement life meant a permanent vacation is out. … Read more

Good Stocks To Invest In For Retirement

good stocks to invest in for retirement

Skepticism About Good Stocks To Invest In For Retirement Any broker or financial planner who claims to know with certainty the good stocks to invest in for retirement should be approached with caution. Since the stock market is a moving target with unpredictable, wild gyrations not even fortune tellers can predict with guaranteed certainty good stocks … Read more

Is Stock Investing Right For Retirement?

Stock investing for retirement

Your Retirement May Need Some Stock Investing Given the fact that the true cost of retirement keeps rising, traditional retirement planning investments such as certificates of deposit (CD’s), savings accounts and money market accounts may not generate enough income to meet expenses anymore. You may end up spending more money during your retirement years than your working years so be prepared. A … Read more

15 Retirement Ready Questions

Retirement ready questions and retirement mistake

Getting Yourself Retirement Ready The most common retirement mistake made today is not thinking about ones’ retirement until you are ready to retire; that does not give you much time to get retirement ready. If you are you unsure whether your retirement expectations match up with your retirement requirements review this list of simple questions. If you want to avoid making … Read more

Retirement Options With New Job

New job and your retirement

Your Retirement Money Options When you start a new job the last thing you may be thinking about is the money in prior employer’s retirement plan. Your negligence may be due to a misunderstanding of the options available to you. Let us help you understand those options so you can choose which one works best for … Read more

What’s Your Biggest Retirement Fear?

Retirement fear

Learning How To Overcome Your Biggest Retirement Fear The most common fear people have about retirement is whether or not they will have enough money to afford retirement. If that is your biggest retirement fear stop worrying because there are ways to overcome this if you are willing to do things you never dreamed of doing. #1 – … Read more

4 Tips To Jump Start Your Retirement

Jump Start Your Retirement

The Only 4 Retirement Tips You Need Tip #1 – Check, Check and Recheck A retirement plan headed for failure is one put on autopilot. Fire safety experts suggest that you check the batteries in your smoke alarms at home once a year. Since a lot can happen in the markets within a years time financial experts suggest that you review the … Read more