Your Guide To The Financial Stages of Your Life

financial stages

Every one of us accomplishes our life’s goals at different times throughout our lives.   We each use a different set of building blocks.   We each face challenges and have to overcome those challenges in the development of our careers & financial lives. Do you know your challenges and goals?   Do you know what will … Read more

Businesses Have Different Retirement Plans To Choose From

3 retirement plan options for businesses

Small businesses today have many types of retirement plan options available to them.  Businesses can choose: 1)  Business 401k plan (sometimes referred to as a Traditional 401k plan). 2)  Simple 401k plan (sometimes called the small business 401k plan). 3)  Simple IRA plan. The IRS considers all 3 of those retirement plans qualified retirement plans.  And even though … Read more

Avoid Excuses To Reach Retirement

Retirement without excuses

Excuses Will Not Get You To Retirement When the financial markets are so volatile it’s easy to make excuses for why you will never have enough money to retire.   But that’s as far as the excuses go because investors are retiring every day even in these turbulent economic markets. If you truly want to retire … Read more

What You Must Know About Simple IRAs Before Tax Day

simple ira plan

A Simple IRA plan is one type of business IRA often used by businesses with less than 100 employees. The Simple IRA plan is popular with business owners for two reasons.  The first reason is because it Is easier to start and administer than a 401k plan.  The second reason is that  the administration fees are usually less than a 401k plan.  … Read more

Is Your Money Working For You?

Make money work for you

Unless you can print money like the federal government does, you only make so much money; making that money work for you is crucial to getting ahead financially or staying behind. The key to having enough money is learning the proper way to manage it. How To Make Your Money Work For You Step #1 … Read more

Will Your Tax Refund Put You Ahead Or Behind?

Tax refund

It’s tax season time; for some a dreadful time, for others a time that extra cash comes their way.   If you will be getting a tax refund this year, the only question you will be asking yourself is what will you do with that money? How can you use that money wisely?   Keep in mind … Read more

Financial Risks|Retirement Planning Can Be Risky

Financial risks

Your Retirement Planning Has Risks You worked hard to build up your retirement investment portfolio.  As a good investor you should be aware of the different types of risk that can affect that portfolio, especially your retirement money. There are many types of retirement investment vehicles; 401k plans, IRA, annuities.   Remember that regardless of the type of investment vehicle you have invested your … Read more

Will You Survive Your Retirement?

Survive your retirement

Financial Advice For Retirement Survival Financial planners strongly suggest that you to start planning for your retirement years as soon as you start your first job.   Even though that sounds a bit drastic, it is very good advice; to survive your retirement years, you will need a lot of money and accumulating a lot of money takes a long … Read more

Use A Financial Professional|Keep More Of Your Money

financial services industry

What does the financial services industry offer most investors?  They offer help.  Help with saving money, help with financial direction and commitment. The main goal of a financial service professional should be YOU and YOUR financial goals. Financial professionals should help you find ways to keep more of your money in your pocket. If they are … Read more

3 Tips On How To Be A Millionaire By Retirement?

Retire a millionaire

So you want to be a millionaire by the time you retire, is it possible?  Yes, yes, yes…if you work at it.   Every millionaire started with financial basics.  Every millionaire first achieved financial fitness and you can too. Wealth is the result of your hard work, your financial habits and your self-discipline. Tips On How … Read more