8 Steps Used By Successful Investors

Successful investors and investment

Why do you invest?   You invest because you want money, a better future, a bigger home, you want to go on nicer vacations, you want more. To be able to afford everything you invest for, you need to become a successful investor. Becoming a successful investor is not for everyone.   To become successful you have to make a commitment, … Read more

Investment Strategies That Work

Investment strategies that work

To attain, you must first have a strategy to get you there; that sounds so simple and yet it’s a concept that’s so often overlooked.   To build your wealth, the same is true, you need an investment strategy.    Instead of just guessing about where to invest, you will be more successful if you develop a strategy. There are no … Read more

3 Retirement Investment Tips|Invest For Your Future

Retirement Investment Tips

Someday you will reach retirement age…guess what, we all do.  The question you need to ask yourself  is whether or not you will be ready to stop working when you do reach retirement age.  Will your investments be enough to support you in retirement? The only way to stop working is to have enough money saved … Read more

Find Extra Money To Invest In Your 401k

Find Extra Money To Invest In Your 401k

Saving for your own retirement is your responsibility.   Saving for retirement does require some effort on your part. Of course if your employer matches your 401k plan contributions it helps ease some of the burden on you; but you are still ultimately responsible for getting yourself financially ready for retirement. By adjusting some of your financial … Read more

Top 3 Financial Habits That You Can Control

bad financial habits

Bad or weak financial habits, like bad eating habits, have bad results. No one plans on developing bad financial habits.  No one wants to deal with the results of bad financial habits either.  Just like no one wants to deal with the results of poor eating habits.   But the fact remains that if you eat … Read more

The Top 7 Money Managment Tips

Money Management Tips

If you feel as if you don’t have a good handle on managing your money, you’re not alone. In this tough economy a lot of people are beginning to realize that they aren’t managing their money as well as they thought they were.    People are taking note and making changes. When the economy is bustling, … Read more

Women Lack Investing Confidence And Get Hurt

Women Lack Investing Confidence

Most women are not frightened easily, except when it comes to personal finance.  Women put up barriers when it comes to financial matters. Women invest much too conservatively because they do not understand investments such as stocks and mutual funds.  They delay saving for retirement because they aren’t sure about how much they should contribute … Read more

6 Steps For Retiring The Right Way

Retiring the Right Way

Believe it or not, planning for retirement is a life long commitment.    To do it right you will need you entire life time to save enough money to retire; unless, of course, you are lucky enough to inherit wealth. We all want financial security, but don’t always know how to go about getting it.   Achieving … Read more

Help Your Heirs|What Not To Do With Inherited IRAs

Inherited IRAs

IRAs are complicated enough.    Inherited IRAs can even be more complicated, if not handled properly. Be sure to find a good financial adviser who has experience with inherited IRAs, because they are handled differently than other investments such as 401k’s or life insurance policies.   Then make sure your beneficiaries understand what to do with … Read more

How To Help Your Heirs Avoid Inherited IRA Headaches

inherited ira headaches

You’ve worked hard for your money, so the song goes.   With that said, the last thing you want to do is give it away to the IRS in taxes. How you manage the simple task of beneficiary designations on your IRAs can make a difference on how much of your hard-earned money your heirs get to … Read more

Methods Used By Others To Avoid Financial Mistakes

Avoid Financial Mistakes

Financial mistakes are easy to make; in fact, sometimes you aren’t even aware that you are making them.  Therein lies the difficulty, avoiding financial mistakes can be a challenge if you are not aware of them. All mistakes can be corrected though, whether the mistakes are made from too much debt, too many fees, loans,late pays or from abusing … Read more

4 Critical Financial Decisions You Should Not Procrastinate On

Critical Financial Decisions

We all procrastinate; but there are just certain things you should not put off doing, regardless of how bothersome they are.  You can procrastinate on getting a hair cut or changing your oil, but there are 4 financial decisions that you should not put off doing.   You should not delay in getting a will written up, preparing a budget, buying life insurance and selecting the investments … Read more