Will You Retire Wealthy With Your 403(b) Plan?

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Can Your 403(b) Plan Make You Wealthy? Let’s Get You To The Wealthy Side Reaching retirement wealthy is not a unique desire. However, accumulating enough money to do so is a unique accomplishment. Everyone is not cut out to retire wealthy because everyone is not qualified to make the extreme sacrifices necessary to get there. … Read more

Retirement Calculator – Planning Your Future Retirement With The Best Savings and Income Calculators Designed For Military, FERS, and CSRS

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Forecasting Your Future Finances With A Retirement Planning Calculator Wikipedia defines retirement as the point where a person stops employment completely. Semi-retirement is when hours of work are reduced. Early retirement is retirement before the age of eligibility for support from government or employer-funded sources is available, thus making early retirees rely on their own … Read more

Should You Be Scared About Retirement?

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Many Americans Are Scared About Retirement, Are You? Are you ready for retirement or are you scared about retirement? If you are scared you are not alone. Many Americans find it discouraging that they may have to stay in the workforce even if they are old enough to retire simply because they will not have enough money to … Read more

Your Right Time To Retire

Is There A Right Time To Retire? You Get To Decide When It’s Time To Retire The one thing in life that is all yours is your retirement. So guess what, you get to decide when it’s the right time to retire. Retirement is one of those things that is, well, personal. Everyone has a different time frame … Read more

Is Retirement Overrated?


Could Retirement Be Less Than Ideal? What An Unprepared Retirement Life Looks Like Ahh, retirement, the vision that keeps on giving. We all have visions of retirement at some point during our working years. If that vision blurs our working years though it’s easy to take a detour. The way we get detoured is by creating our dream retirement vision for the wrong reasons … Read more

Top Reasons Why 401K Loans Are Bad

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401k Loans Are A Big No, No Thinking About 401k Loans? Don’t Do It The purpose of 401k investing is to get you financially ready to retire at the lifestyle level that you have always dreamed of, right? When you finally reach the age that you want to retire due to health issues, work related stress, job dissatisfaction or … Read more

The Real Pros And Cons Of Annuities

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There Are Pros And Cons Of Annuities Let’s Clarify An Annuity Before discussing the pros and cons of annuities we first need to clarify what an annuity is. Even though the financial experts make it seem complicated and you may feel like you need a class on annuities for dummies, annuities are quite simple. Annuities are long-term investments which offer … Read more

Are Annuities Right For You?

The Basics About Annuities Where Do Annuities Come In? Investors have different financial needs. Sometimes annuities can help meet those needs, sometimes not. As an investor you need to determine if annuities are a good fit for your personal financial situation. Many investors use annuities as a financial tool to enhance their financial portfolio. You may hold investments such … Read more

401k Retirement Basics

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401k Retirement Planning Basics Information You Need To Know How many financial workshops, put on by your employer for the benefit of you and your fellow 401k participants, have you attended only to completely lose interest after the presenter recites more rules and regulations than you can count? If you are tired of 401k retirement … Read more

6 Reasons For Making Your 401k Contribution Limits

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Your 401k Contribution Limits Count Learn About 401k Contribution Limits With everything you have to worry about why would you care about 401k contribution limits? Well, why do you invest into your retirement account? Most likely because you do not want to work forever. Someday you want to retire, right? The reason you put money into any investment is to … Read more

Here’s A Quick Review of Your IRAs & 401k Investments


Steps To Review Your IRA & 401k Investment Accounts Your IRA’s and 401k Investments Need Attention You already know that you need to review your investments on a regular basis. Retirement experts suggest that investors review Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and 401k investments at least once a year. The purpose is to help you monitor the returns, trends, market … Read more