Help Your Heirs|What Not To Do With Inherited IRAs

Inherited IRAs

IRAs are complicated enough.    Inherited IRAs can even be more complicated, if not handled properly. Be sure to find a good financial adviser who has experience with inherited IRAs, because they are handled differently than other investments such as 401k’s or life insurance policies.   Then make sure your beneficiaries understand what to do with … Read more

How To Help Your Heirs Avoid Inherited IRA Headaches

inherited ira headaches

You’ve worked hard for your money, so the song goes.   With that said, the last thing you want to do is give it away to the IRS in taxes. How you manage the simple task of beneficiary designations on your IRAs can make a difference on how much of your hard-earned money your heirs get to … Read more

Methods Used By Others To Avoid Financial Mistakes

Avoid Financial Mistakes

Financial mistakes are easy to make; in fact, sometimes you aren’t even aware that you are making them.  Therein lies the difficulty, avoiding financial mistakes can be a challenge if you are not aware of them. All mistakes can be corrected though, whether the mistakes are made from too much debt, too many fees, loans,late pays or from abusing … Read more

Top 7 Secrets To A Woman’s Retirement

Secrets to a Woman's Retirement

Ladies live longer than men, that’s a fact. Women will need more money in their retirement years than men, that’s a fact. Women need to learn how to manage their money better; Women need to learn about investing.   Ladies if you don’t learn the secrets to retirement planning you will not have enough money for your retirement years, … Read more

The Secrets of Teaching Your Child Good Financial Habits

Teaching Your Child Good Financial Habits

In today’s fast pace society children have to grow up so fast. The best gift you can give your children is to prepare them for this fast paced society that they are about to enter and will be in for a very long time. Yes teaching your children reading, writing and arithmetic is the right … Read more

401k Investment Benefits In Tough Times

401k investment

As you look around what do you see?  The economy has bottomed out, your 401k account statements are showing negative returns, you can’t seem to get ahead, the cost of everything you buy keeps going up not down.  We are in tough times. So you keep asking yourself why in these turbulent times are you … Read more

What You Must Know About Different IRA’s

Different IRA's

Individual retirement accounts have a commonality and that is they are an investment used by investors saving for retirement.   But IRA’s come in all shapes and sizes which is what makes them also unique. Individual Retirement Accounts can be “packaged” in many different ways. IRA’s can be “packaged” as the standard Traditional IRA and Roth … Read more

When You Should Meet With A Retirement Planner

When You Should Meet With A Retirement Planner

With all the financial decisions investors have to make, the one decision that’s most often overlooked is when to meet with a retirement planner? Meeting with a retirement planner sounds like something “other people” do.   If you are not even close to retirement, it doesn’t seem like a retirement planner is someone you need to … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About 401k & IRA Rollovers, Withdrawals

401k & IRA Rollovers, Withdrawals

As a retirement investor you have a lot to learn and many decisions to make. You have to decide on a retirement investment type, 401k, traditional IRA or Roth IRA.   You have to make the proper investment choices, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, large cap, mid cap, small cap, cash balanced, international?  So much to choose from. And then you have … Read more

8 Tips On 401k Early Withdrawals

401k Early Withdrawals

When the economy is such a turmoil, it can be hard to make ends meet.   You may be scrambling to find extra money to pay all of your expenses.   You’re in a financial pinch and you’re running out of ideas. It’s times like these that a 401k early withdrawal may seem like a good idea, … Read more

Your Financial Security Needs Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance and financial security

Every one seeks financial security but it seems like few attain it.   Believe it or not financial security is not hard to attain.   By using the right financial tools to guide you, achieving financial security will be much easier. A financial pyramid is the all-encompassing financial tool because it covers all basis and … Read more

Do I Want A Self Directed IRA or Traditional IRA?

Self Directed IRA vs Traditional IRA

IRA accounts are different. Self Directed IRAs are different from Traditional IRAs, but do aim to accomplish the same result…getting you ready for retirement.   A Self Directed IRA is a more advanced IRA than the Traditional IRA. When choosing between a Self Directed IRA or a Traditional IRA, be aware that the rules and restrictions are more … Read more

Roth IRA & IRA Traditional

Roth IRA & IRA Traditional

Roth IRAs are not employer sponsored. Roth IRAs are retirement plans used by individuals who want to save for their retirement outside of their workplace. Contributions are not tax deductible like they are with the IRA traditional. The reason contributions are not tax deductible is because the contributions are made with “after-tax” dollars so that … Read more