Your Perfect Financial Advisor

Financial advisor

Times are tough, no one needs to tell you that. And in tough economic times it can be difficult to stay focused on proper money management, no one needs to tell you that either. But you might just need some one to tell you how to stay focused and how to use proper money management … Read more

If You Have An Employee Benefit Package, Hug Your Boss

Employee benefit package

Did you know that not all employers offer employee benefit packages?  Most of the time, the reason benefit packages aren’t offered is not because the employers don’t like their employees; but instead due to the high costs. Most people don’t know how much their employer really pays to provide benefits.   Benefits are expensive; and those … Read more

Annuities & Retirement Plan

Annuities & Retirement Plan

Your retirement plan from work is only one source.   If you use annuities as another retirement plan source, you can help yourself not outlive your retirement savings.   Annuities offer a living benefit and a death benefit.   If annuitized, an annuitant can take income right away.   There are several different types of annuities on the market today.   There are fixed … Read more

The Secrets Behind 401K Rules

401k Rules

To become a better investor you need to know the current 401k rules. You should start by making yourself aware of the 401k rules most often referred to by 401k participants:  401k contribution limits, 401k distribution rules and 401k early withdrawal rules. All these 401k rules were established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and … Read more

401K Maximum Contribution & Ira Contributions

401K Maximum Contribution & Ira Contributions

Taxes: Your 401k and traditional ira contributions decrease your taxable income for that tax year, thereby reducing your overall taxes. So why would you not want to contribute as much as possible.   Matching: Matching is free money. If your employer matches your contributions, by making your 401k maximum contribution you increase the employer match. … Read more

401K Investing & Your 401K Advisor

401K Investing

When you are reviewing your 401k investing, your 401k advisor should help you with making the best investment choices within the 401k plan. Your 401k advisor should review your investment choices based on your personal time lines and risk tolerance levels. Your 401k advisor should help you determine if you are investing enough for your … Read more

401K Distributions & 401K Rollover Rules

401K Distributions & 401K Rollover Rules

401k distributions: As an added value service to plan participants, many 401k plans offer a personal financial advisor for participants to work with. The advisor should help you to understand your options for 401k distributions when you leave employment. You have several distribution alternatives available. 1) you can choose to not make any 401k distributions … Read more

401K Distribution & 401K Early Withdrawal

401K Distribution & 401K Early Withdrawal

The 401k distribution rules are also set by the DOL and IRS not your employer. A 401k distribution is generally included in your taxable income since that money has never been taxed. Your 401k contributions were pre-taxed monies. You can generally receive your 401k distribution in an annuity payment, periodic installment payments or a lump … Read more

401K Contribution

401K Contribution

Bonuses – raises – tax refunds: Before you received your bonus, raise or tax refund you were living without that extra money. So after you receive that extra money, keep living within that same budget. And use the bonus, raise or tax refund to make your 401k contribution. If your employer matches your 401k contribution, … Read more

Those 401K Laws Every Investor Must Know

401K Laws

401k laws were established to protect you as an investor. The laws spell  out the rules and regulations that must be followed on 401k investments, 401k contribution limits and 401k withdraw rules. It’s because of 401k laws that you can feel confident when investing in a 401k. The 401k laws help to make the 401k … Read more

Follow IRA Laws, Avoid Taxes & Penalties

IRA Law Review

IRA taxes, IRA penalties and IRA distributions are what IRA law covers.    You do not have to be an attorney to understand the basics of IRA law.   If you make an IRA distribution from a Traditional IRA too early, you will have to pay taxes and penalties, that’s the law. IRA’s were established to help individuals … Read more

Solo 401K

Solo 401k

A solo 401k is just another name for an individual 401k. These special 401k plans were created by EGTRA in 2001 to benefit the small business owners who may only have a single participant for the plan – the entrepreneur themselves. A solo 401k or individual 401k is for a self-employed business owner plus his/her … Read more

Common Features Among Ira Deduction, Ira Tax and Ira Maximum

IRA Deduction IRA

What does an ira deduction and ira tax and the ira maximum have in common? Taxes. IRA MAXIMUM The ira maximum contribution is usually increased every year. For 2009 the maximum amount that you can contribute to your ira is $5,000 with an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution if you are over age 50. If you … Read more