3 Early Retirement Tips

early retirement

Early Retirement Made Easy Early Retirement, The Impossible Dream Retiring early should not be the impossible dream, but unfortunately it has become that. There are two impossible dream extremes that people can find themselves in, and it’s all about the money. There are those folks who have enough money to retire but are scared to for fear of running … Read more

7 Steps To Early Retirement

early retirement

Your Guide To Early Retirement Is Early Retirement In Your Future? How To Retire Early Many people want to retire early but even with proper planning few can afford to. But why? Well, some financial experts will tell you that the low percentage of folks able to enjoy early retirement is due to factors beyond their personal control. That may be … Read more

Top 4 Retirement Myths And Realities

What Are The Top Retirement Myths And Realities? Learn About Retirement Myths and Realities Whether you are near or far away from retirement, learning about any retirement myths and realities that may exist can only help to strengthen your financial future. Personally you may already be able to distinguish between a myth and a reality but it does not … Read more

Retire Fast With Compound Interest

Ahh, The Beauty Of Compound Interest Compound interest is a beautiful thing. It’s the dream tool for retirement investors. It is an investment tool that is rarely put to good use though simply because it is misunderstood. Since compound interest is so boring, dull and tedious, investors disregard it even though with proper discipline and the right amount … Read more

How Much To Save For Retirement?

Practical Advice On How Much To Save For Retirement The first question you ask yourself after you’ve hit the snooze button several times on your alarm clock is probably not how much should I save for retirement. When you are running late for work, your retirement savings plan is usually not a priority; getting to work … Read more

Retirement, Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not Your Retirement Is Coming You can ignore retirement all you want but someday you will be faced with the task of retiring. Will you be ready or not? You may think you are too young to worry about retirement, you have years before you even get close. Or you may feel as if … Read more

The Basics Of A Self Directed IRA

All You Need To Know About A Self Directed IRA The Basics A self directed IRA, sometimes known as a checkbook IRA, allows you, the owner, to control how your retirement money is invested. A self directed IRA offers the same attractive benefits that other IRAs offer, tax deductions and tax-free withdrawals. Before investing into a self directed IRA you … Read more

IRA Rollover Rules

IRA Rollover Rules You Need To Know #1 – The 60 Day IRA Rollover Rule Money you personally receive from an IRA rollover that is not reinvested, or rolled over, into another IRA within 60 days will be considered ordinary income by the IRS and taxed as ordinary income. The IRS will consider this an early distribution; if … Read more

Retirement With A Smile

Real Life Retirement Vs. Fantasy Got A Plan? Your real life retirement may not always turn out as you had imagined. Financial advisors say that the best way to produce financial results that will help you match your fantasy retirement with your real life retirement is to work from a financial plan. Although that sounds like … Read more

Who Can Do Your Retirement?

Your Retirement Is All Up To You Nowadays you can hire someone to do almost anything for you; cut your grass, clean your house and even deliver your groceries. But there are 3 things that no one can do for you…diet, exercise and save for your retirement. Oh sure, to help you diet you can join a diet … Read more

Have You Written Your Retirement Plan?

Have You Written Your Retirement Plan Yet? Experts tell us that achieving a goal is more likely if we write that goal down. If written down you can monitor it, adjust it and focus on its completion. This approach applies to straightforward goals such as achieving a promotion at work or more complex goals such as losing weight. For … Read more

Retirement As Your New Identity

Retirement Gives New Meaning To Your Identity If your identity is tied into your work you will be in for a big surprise when you retire. Retirement is less about who you are or what your work skills consist of and more about designing a 2nd phase of your life. The transition from the work life to retirement can be difficult … Read more

Stock Investing In Retirement?

stock investing in retirement

The Basics On Stock Investing In Retirement Before you start stock investing in retirement you need to understand your financial picture. Everyone’s financial picture is different, to understand your own you will need to do some homework and soul-searching.  You need to know what type of investor you are, how much money you will need to … Read more

Do You Need Life Insurance For Retirement?

Life insurance for retirement

Is Life Insurance Perfect For Retirement? Are you confused about the purpose of life insurance? You’re not alone. Many individuals are under the incorrect assumption that life insurance is only used for the death benefit. You die you use it, you live, you don’t. Here’s your ahha moment; life insurance can also be used for retirement. … Read more