The Magic Formula For Retirement Money

How Will You Make Your Retirement Money Last? Financial planners may try to sell you on the idea that there really is a magic formula out there for making your retirement money last forever. They present all kinds of calculations and charts to you, hoping you will buy off on their ingenious solution to your money concerns. If you … Read more

Your Money In IRA’s

Which IRA Is Better For Your Money? The most common question asked around tax time every year is: are you better off investing your money in a Traditional or Roth IRA? The answer to that question is based on your personal financial situation. When will you need the money? How much will your income be? … Read more

Your Retirement Without Money

Retirement Money Using Plan A You did all the right things with your money during your working years to save enough money for retirement. You maxed out your retirement plan contributions; took advantage of all tax-deferred investment opportunities; cut expenses to the bare minimum and lived well below your means. You then retired with complete … Read more

Retirement Plans On Life Support

Watch Your Retirement Risks Retirement will bring with it new experiences but also new challenges. The biggest one will be the challenge of having enough money. Every retiree faces the challenge of turning their retirement assets into a reliable source of income. You only have two choices during retirement, financial survival or putting your retirement … Read more

Reduced Social Security Benefits Hit

Who Can Afford Reduced Social Security Benefits? You may have planned for your retirement but the government did not. The government assumed that the money in the social security fund would never run out. The government thought that social security would easily fund your retirement. Since they assumed wrong, the only way to save the system is to reduce social … Read more

How Secure Is Social Security?

A Bit Worried About Social Security? If you’re worried about social security being around when it’s time for you to collect, you’re not alone. Many Americans think the financial stability of social security is getting a bit shaky. Those most worried are the ones who seem most care-free about it. Will You Collect? If you are close … Read more

Retirement Planning Should Be Fun

Have Fun Retirement Planning  courtesy of kedamono If you are buried in the complexities of your retirement investment statements, investment selections and how much money you will need to retire someday you are probably not having fun. The best way to avoid the stresses of planning is to start investing when you start your first job. When you know that … Read more

Financial Needs At Retirement

Financial needs at retirement

Financial Needs At Retirement Change If you are not ready for your financial needs to increase when you retire maybe you should delay your retirement date. Before retiring you will need enough money to last at least 30 years and for most people, that is a lot of money. Since folks are living longer you … Read more

Avoid Retirement Surprises

You Are In Charge Of Retirement Surprises When you retire, the only surprise you want is a surprise party. Unfortunately your going-away party may not be your only surprise. There may be a few financial changes that you never planned for. Awareness ahead of time is the best way to prevent retirement surprises. Learn about some … Read more

Concerned About Financial Adviser At Retirement?

More Financial Worries At Retirement Planning for your retirement is serious business. You may need some financial advice but be careful on who you turn to for help. Retirement takes a life time to invest and save for. A sloppy financial planner can lose your retirement assets in a very short time. Commission Or Growth? … Read more

How To Qualify For Medicaid In Retirement

Medicaid money

Do You Qualify For Medicaid Money? Ahhh, Retirement At Last The bliss of retirement can soon evaporate if you develop health problems that eat away at your retirement assets. Making your money last as long as possible during retirement can be tricky. Do you know enough about Medicaid to know if you qualify? Didn’t See … Read more

Avoid Retirement Money Surprises

retirement money surprises

Your Retirement Without Money Love Ya Mom and Dad Best intentions when planning for retirement don’t quite cut it. Unless you plan to move in with your kids on retirement day, you need to take retirement planning seriously during your entire working life. Without money you will have entirely different retirement than the one you … Read more