Your February Resolution Is A Financial One


Financial Resolutions Desperately Needed In February

courtesy of glasbergen

If you seem to start out a new year making lots of promises to yourself to improve your financial habits you are not alone. If you fall short of achieving those promises about mid January, you are also not alone.  Making new year resolutions is easy, accomplishing them is the hard part.

Try A Different Approach

If you find yourself in that situation, try making monthly nanical resoultuions. These will easier for you to monitor so you don’t end up buried in an avalanche of debt.

Debt Is Easy

January is when all your holiday debt is due. You’ve been having holiday fun since November, in January and February you’ve gotta pay for that fun. The holidays roll around every year and he debt comes due every year. Why is it so easy to pile the debt on but hard to pay it off? Could it be that during the holidays you’re feeling cheerful, grateful and charitable so you overspend?

Yule-Tide Cheer Equals Avalanche Of Debt

If you spend beyond your means because of getting wrapped up in the yule-tide cheer then you either need to stop being so cheerful during the holidays or spend within your means. Remember “the thought that counts, not the size of the gift” concept? If you are buried under an avalanche of debt every year, you can still give, just give smaller less expensive gifts. Your family and friends love you for you, not the size of gifts that you give.










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