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Want More Money, Develop Different Habits

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Are you tired of always running out of money before your next paycheck? Fed up with living from paycheck to paycheck? Want to change the amount of money you keep but aren’t sure how? Have you checked your financial habits lately? You may be surprised the impact your financial habits have on the amount of money you have available to you.

If you practice the same financial habits you always have then you will end up with the same financial results you always do. If you take the time to develop a few different financial habits you may be surprised on how much extra money you get to keep for yourself.

Habit #1 – Set Small Financial Goals

The worst financial move you can make is to pressure yourself to do it all at once. Give yourself a break, start small. Set one goal at a time and make it an attainable one. Once you reach that goal, set another one. For example, if you eat lunch out 5 days a week, cut back to 3. If you buy coffee on the go every morning, start making it at home a few days a week. Once you start succeeding at these small goals you will feel confident to set larger ones.

Habit #2 – Avoid Debt At All Costs

Debt is one of those bad words that everyone knows exists but nobody ever wants to talk about. Everyone knows that debt is expensive and a waste of money.  Certain debts are unavoidable, such as, a mortgage debt, but others can be avoided. If you live within your means, you can avoid credit card debt and save all of the money you spend on credit card interest.

Habit #3 – Live Within Your Means

The less you spend, the more money you get to keep. Work on spending less than your paycheck. Make it a habit to only buy what you need, not what you want. Yes you need a haircut, but does it have to be a $100 one? You say you love strawberries, great, buy them when they are in season; you just overpay when you buy them out of season.


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