39 Easy Ways You Can Save Money


Save Money On Road To Financial Freedom

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Contrary to what you most people think, a high income is not needed to achieve financial freedom. Guess what is? Financial discipline! If you want to reach financial freedom, your ability to save more money than you spend is much more important than your income. Financial freedom is achieved by living below your means. It can be achieved by anyone who understands that spending as much as you earn or making the minimum payment on your credit card balances is not living below your means.

Save Money Now

Here are 39 easy ways to save money. Follow some of these, start living below your means and get on track towards financial freedom.

  1. Carpool
  2. Take public transportation if possible
  3. Sell your second car
  4. Drive below the speed limits (save gas and avoid expensive speeding tickets)
  5. Change your own oil, air filter and spark plugs
  6. Wash your own car
  7. Never go grocery shopping without a shopping list
  8. Use coupons
  9. Buy generic
  10. Buy in bulk
  11. Only buy sales items
  12. Never shop when you are hungry (you will buy more)
  13. Plan and shop for meals for an entire week
  14. Buying your pet at a pet store costs more; try a rescue shelter
  15. Shop at thrift stores
  16. Do your own yard work
  17. Replace furnace filters often
  18. Replace your faucets and shower heads with “low-flow” water fixtures
  19. Turn water heater down when away for a few days
  20. Open curtains, blinds and drapes in winter to let warm sun in
  21. Close curtains, blinds and drapes in summer to keep the warm sun out
  22. Use a programmable thermostat
  23. Check out the insulation in your attic, it could be raising your heating bills
  24. Lower heating and cooling costs by weather stripping
  25. Reduce energy bills even more by installing ceiling fans
  26. Shop your auto and home insurance premiums every year
  27. Shop for a cheaper mortgage rate
  28. Negotiate rates with your cable, internet company
  29. Discontinue extra phone services (caller id, call waiting, etc.)
  30. Discontinue health club memberships
  31. Stop paying the high dues to play golf at the country club
  32. Cancel catalogs that tempt you to buy
  33. Cancel emails that remind you of sales and deals (too tempting to buy stuff you do not need or use)
  34. Cancel magazine subscriptions, it’s probably available for free on the internet
  35. Donate your time instead of money to charities
  36. Bring your lunch to work
  37. Skip the coffee stop on the way to work
  38. Try free entertainment: museums, book clubs, farmers’ markets, public gardens, biking, hiking, picnics
  39. Enjoy the journey (you will save more money if you enjoy the process)

Start practicing those 39 money saving tips and you will have extra money. By investing that extra money instead of buying more stuff, you put yourself in the drivers’ seat towards financial freedom.


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