401K to Ira Beneficiary

401K to Ira Beneficiary

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A 401k to ira rollover is very common in these tough economic times with all the job changes and downsizing. When you do a 401k to ira rollover be sure to check: 1) your beneficiary ira 2) the 401k fund and 3) if it is a taxable 401k.

Beneficiary ira

You want to make sure your benefiicary ira is the same as your 401k beneficiary was.

401k fund

You should check the ira fund to make sure it will be the same as you had when your investment was in the 401k fund. Is your 401k fund of the same asset class that you had before your rollover. An asset class would be either stocks, bonds or cash.

Taxable 401k

You want to know if you will have a taxable 401k. A taxable 401k would occur if you were cashing out 401k before age 59 ½. The IRS considers withdrawals before 59 ½ to be a taxable event.


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