Why Should I Bother To Improve My Credit Score?

credit score

You may not care about your credit score but others do.  Take the time to improve your credit score, it will be worth it.

Credit scores determine your creditworthiness. Anyone you do business with or anyone who extends credit to you cares about your creditworthiness and your credit scores.

If you want your financial life to run a bit smoother, maybe you should care about your credit scores also.

You may be a bit hesitant about jumping into credit repair because credit scores, credit reports, credit repair services and credit reporting agencies all sound complicated and difficult; but they aren’t.  Let’s learn more.

Why Worry About Your Credit Scores?

You are evaluated by your credit scores, period.   The type of customer you will be labeled as, financially speaking, is determined by your credit scores.

Your credit scores tell businesses and creditors whether or not you will pay your bills, make your payments on time or skip payments or repay a loan.   Your credit scores will determine how much you pay for services and products.

If you do not take the time to improve your credit score, you pay more for everything you buy.   So if you want to stop paying so much on interest, get credit repair help.

Who Cares About My Credit Scores?

Your Insurance Company

  • Your insurance premiums are determined by your credit scores.
  • If your credit scores are too low, and you make no effort to improve credit score, you will pay a higher premium.
  • Even if your claim history is ideal, if you have low credit scores, you could still pay the higher premiums.

Your Lenders

  • A loan company will deny your application for a loan if you do not improve your credit.
  • In a tough economy, lenders tighten up on loans.
  • If not denied, due to low credit scores, your loans (auto, student, mortgage) could cost more.
  • So the cost of your auto or home, over time, could cost you double due to paying higher interest rates.   And all because of having low credit scores and not taking the time to improve credit score.

Your Credit Card Company

  • If you do not make an effort to improve credit score and your score is too low you will be charged the higher interest on your credit card balances.
  • Your credit scores are an easy tool for credit card companies to use when evaluating you; it’s a number and it’s from a reliable source (national credit reporting agencies).
  • Credit card companies make lots of money on you when you do not improve your credit score.

What’s A Good Credit Score

850 is Perfect

  • 850 is a perfect credit score.
  • If you can improve your credit score to an 850; insurance companies, creditors, lenders, retailers, banks and almost anyone else in the financial world will love to have you as a customer.

750 Is Good

  • 750 to 850 is a good credit score.
  • The closer to 850 you get the better.

300 Is Bad

  • A credit score close to 300 needs credit repair help.
  • Credit repair help is available, you just have to make the first step.
  • There are numerous credit repair services available in the market place.   Take the time to find a credit repair service and get credit repair help if your credit score is around 300.


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