Do You Have Money For Unemployment?


Unemployment Without Notice, Need Money


Need Money For Unemployment, Prepare Now

Unemployment can happen even when you least expect it. Will you have enough money if you find yourself suddenly unemployed? Your employer may give you plenty of notice but just in case they do not, get your finances in order today.

Nobody expects to lose their job; sometimes you have very little control over that. What you do have control over is how you manage your money. Learn 3 steps to take today to help yourself be financially prepared just in case the unthinkable happens and you lose your job.

#1 – Rainy Day Fund

Set up an emergency fund with at 6 months of income. Just because you suddenly find yourself unemployed does not mean your bills stop. You may be able to get some creditors to give you a break but that doesn’t last forever either. With a rainy day or emergency fund you can avoid digging yourself into a deeper financial hole if you find yourself suddenly unemployed.

#2 – Pay As You Go

Avoid carrying credit card balances. While you are working pay as you go; do not rack up your credit cards. If you cannot afford to pay for something do not buy it. Live below your means. Live on a budget. If you establish those financial habits while you are working if you lose your job you will by accustomed to living on less.

#3 – Avoid Loans

Try not to make any large purchases that would require a loan payment. The best way to stay ahead of your finances is to keep your spending to a minimum.


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