Finding Extra Money|It’s An Attitude Thing

You need extra money to build up your investments, but you never seem to have enough money, so your investments are not as strong as you would like.

Believe it or not, you may have extra money but just don’t think you do. If you are looking in the wrong places for extra money or you don’t have the right attitude, you will never get your investments into a growth mode.

It’s common to waste money, it’s rare not to.  If you can narrow down the places you waste money, you can find extra money for your investments.

Finding Extra Money In All The Right Places

Find Extra Money By Reviewing Unnecessary Fees

  • Late Fees

You will save money on late fees if you always pay your bills on time.  To change your attitude about late fees, set up automatic bill paying to avoid paying late.

  • Banking Fees

You will save money on banking fees by avoiding overdraft fees.   Change your attitude about bank account balances, make sure you always keep a balance.

  • Interest Fees

Pay off your credit card bill in full every month to save money on interest.  Credit card companies love it when you carry a balance on your card; they earn lots of money by charging you lots of interest.

Unnecessary Miscellaneous Expenses You May Be Paying

  • Bottled water.

Generations have survive on good old tap water; some say bottled water is just a gimmick.   Maybe it is maybe it isn’t, one thing is for sure though, attaching  filters to your faucets and use tap water is definitely a lot cheaper than buying bottled water.

  • Paid Television.

What did folks do before cable, satellite or dish television…we had more family time, we played more board games, we talked more.  Okay so you don’t like talking, that’s okay, you can still have access to movies.

You can save money plenty of money by renting movies from your library or Net Flix or the Red Box or other movie rental services.

  • Finding extra moneyEating Out.

Eating at restaurants should be a treat, not a necessity.   You can still eat out occasionally, but save money by bringing your lunch to work 3 out of 5 days every week.   Or bring your lunch to work every day and eat out only on weekends.

  • Smoking.

Sorry smokers, but your habit is expensive and you could save a lot of money by quitting.  By giving up a pack a day you could save over $2000 a year.  That nice savings would look real good invested into an IRA account or a 401k account.

  • Club Memberships.

If you stopped working out at the health club, cancel the membership.  You will save money and you will stop feeling guilty about not working out.

  • Magazine Subscriptions.

If your magazines are stacked up, you don’t have time to keep up on read them, so cancel the subscription.

If you look real hard at where you are spending your money, you will surely be able to find some waste.  Invest that extra money; it all adds up.

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