Money Saving Tips That Work

money saving tips
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Looking For Money Saving Tips That Work?

Pick The Savings Tips That Work For You

The saving advice that will personally work for you all depends upon where you are in life. In other words are you getting ready for college? If so, you would be looking for college money saving tips. Are you buying your first car? If so, you would be looking for ways to save money on insurance. If you have a plan for saving money you will be more successful than if you just make-it-up as you go along. The best way to start saving money is to start small. If you are just starting to save, open a simple bank savings account to build up your comfort level.

Money Saving Tips On College

  • The 3 biggest expenses you will encounter in college are text books, food and transportation. To save money on books, buy used ones; or better yet, you can rent used books. And be sure to sell any books from last semester that you no longer use or refer to.
  • To save money on food, dorm living can be economical for housing but sometimes expensive for eating so be sure to buy the most economical meal package they offer.
  • Skip the car when you are in college. It’s a big expense when you consider the parking fees, gasoline, maintenance and insurance. Instead walk or buy a bike.

Money Saving Tips On Insurance

You can save money on your insurance in 3 ways; your deductibles, unnecessary coverage’s and by shopping it every year.

  • By raising your deductibles you will drop your premiums. The way insurance company’s look at deductibles is with a higher deductible you will file fewer claims so you get to pay a lower premium.
  • By dropping insurance coverage’s that are no longer relevant you will also drop your premiums. Ask your agent, if your car is over 10 years old, do you still need collision and comprehensive coverage?
  • You should shop your auto and home insurance at least once a year to determine if you are still getting the best coverage for your premium dollar. Almost every insurance company raises premiums, the difference between company’s is just how much?

Miscellaneous Ways To Save Money

There are so many other ways to save money. How to save money on Christmas gifts… keep the gift giving simple, donate time instead of money. How to save money on groceries…never shop hungry, only buy sales items. How to save money entertainment costs…cut the cable, find free ways to have fun, have friends over instead of always meeting at restaurants. The list of money saving ideas is endless. You know your situation, get creative on ways you can save.



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