Save Money, Eliminate 12 Wants


Save Money, Redefine Your Wants

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End The Control

Are you a slave to your money; does it control your life? If you are drowning in debt, barely making ends meet and living from pay check to pay check, the answer is yes, your money controls you. If you want to change that cycle and save money in the process then cut out the conveniences.

Confused By Wants & Needs?

It is time to separate your wants from your needs. Do you really know the difference anymore from something you need and something you just want? It’s easy for wants and needs to become blurred; sometimes the convenience of a want turns it into a need. That’s where excess spending starts. Stop wasting so much of your money, eliminate some of your extravagant spending by distinguishing a want from a need.

You Decide, Want or Need?

1 – Newspaper and magazine subscriptions

2 – Digital subscriptions

3 – Cable or satellite tv

4 – Gym memberships

5 – Golf club memberships

6 – iTune accounts

7 – “High-speed” internet

8 – Frequent spa visits, manicures and pedicures

9 – Monthly haircuts, perms and colorings

10 – Eating out so much for dinners and lunches

11 – Coffee on the go

12 – Organic, sometimes overpriced, vs generic

If social pressures and your need to keep up are forcing you to spend too much money, maybe you need to redefine what is truly important to you. Would you rather “look good” or be debt free? Would you rather control your money or be a slave to it? If you learn how to live within your means you can eliminate that sinking feeling you get every time your pay check comes knowing that it’s already spent. The first step is to understand the difference between a want and a need. Are you up to the challenge?




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