Money Saving Tips|How To Save Money

Money Saving Tips

By taking a dynamic approach to saving money…you may surprised yourself.

Do you ever feel like you can’t buy everything you want because your paycheck just never seems to be big enough?   A small paycheck should not stop you from buying.

Sometimes though our perspective of money gets lopsided.   We concentrate so much on earning money that we never turn our focus onto how to save money and what we can get for our savings.

If you save money you can be extremely powerful.   After you see what you can buy with your savings, your entire perspective about the power of saving will change.    If you make a time commitment and you are disciplined to save money, you can buy just about anything you want, regardless of how much you earn.

How To Save Money:

Here is what saving money at $1 a day for 5 years looks like: you will have $1825 and be able to buy:

  • 228   Mood Rings
  • 608  Classic Mickey Mouse Pez Dispensers
  • 1530  McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers.

If you save $1 a day for 10 years you will have $3,650 and be able to buy:

By saving $5 a day for 5 years you will have $9,125 and be able to buy:

Here is what saving $5 a day for 10 years will look like, $18,250 and you can buy:

If you save $50 a week for 10 years, you will have $26,000 and can buy:

By saving $100 a week for 10 years, you will have $52,000 and look at what you can buy:

Are you surprised yet on how much you can buy simply if you save money in other ways?

Your dreams can come true, you really can own 138 Dick Tracy Detective Kits or 3250 pounds of jelly beans.  Now you may not want those exact quantities, but you’re probably surprised on the fact that if you saved enough you could own those exact quantities.


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