Teach Your Children Why Money Makes The World Go ‘Round


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Going Beyond The Basics

Your job as a parent is to teach your children. You are already teaching them the basics: the importance of having good manners, being polite, cleaning their room and treating their siblings with respect. Are you also teaching them about the value of money? If not, who will?

Your Teaching Job Never Ends

Your children are your most precious asset, even though they have a knack for driving you crazy sometimes. You want them to succeed in life and be happy; learn good habits not bad ones. Your hope is that they understand right from wrong and always do the right thing.

Money Lessons Are Just As Important

Money is briefly taught in the classrooms. If you want your children to have a healthy relationship with money you need to teach them about it. Children should learn what money can and cannot do for them. It cannot bring them happiness but it it may help make lifes’ bumpy ride a bit smoother. It cannot buy friendship but it can help a friend in need.

Good Lessons Worth Repeating

Information for teaching children about money never gets old. Smart Money Magazine nicely highlights some of the best ways for you to teach your children about the value of money. You may also learn something new about money that is helpful for you and your child.


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