What Do You Want Money For?

What Do You Want Money For?

Why Do You Work | For The Money, Right?

Did you ever stop to think about why you go to work?  Do you work to kill time?  Do you work because you like your job?  Do you work to afford the basic standard of living?  Maybe you work to buy stuff.  Or do you work so that someday when you save enough money, you can stop working?

Work Has A Purpose

Work is good.  Most people work to earn a living, buy a home, raise a family, buy stuff and enjoy their time; with the end goal being retirement.   Working gets a bad reputation when you spend more than you earn at work because then you have to work harder.

Money Is Paper Thin

The older you get the more you understand that money can only be stretched so far; therefore you either make more of it or save more of what you make.  We all get the same option, work more or save more.   Unfortunately, young people don’t always understand that, which leads to money problems.

Start Out Right

If we start our careers on the wrong foot, we never catch up.  You really have the best intentions.  When you start your new career, even though it seems okay to buy new clothes, a brand new car and rent a big apartment, that’s exactly how you begin your financial troubles.   Everything gets charges to your brand new credit cards.   You start out paying the balance off every month, but after awhile the debt becomes overwhelming and you then switch to paying just the minimum balance.

Your Money|Your Time

What Do You Want Money For?When you accumulate credit card debt, you are wasting your money; therefore you are wasting your time.   When you have huge amounts of credit card debt, you have to work more.   The more debt you have, the more interest you pay.  The more debt you have, the more fees you pay; you have more of a chance to get caught paying late fees, missed payment fees, collection fees.     So why would you start out on the wrong foot by over spending and running up your credit card debt?

Manage Your Money Like A Pro

Financial planners make money issues seem so simple; because they are simple.   The key to managing your money is balance; you just need to remember to balance your needs and wants.   If you want something, have the patience to wait until you can afford to buy it vs charging it up on your credit card.   It’s that simple.   If everyone followed that one rule, credit card companies would have no customers.


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