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A Short Introduction to Yahoo Finance

The worldwide web is now making it easy for anyone to find information about everything, from health, to sports, to finance. It is now showing different websites that serve as platforms to learn about something. Yahoo Finance is the top website that gives a wealth of solutions for people finding ways to improve their financial know-how. It is famous now for being the best free analytical finance data on the Internet that serves most countries.

This website serves as a tool for individuals and companies to track stock information, read articles about companies and check on currencies. Yahoo Finance has been a very important tool for people involved in investments and are very mindful about what’s happening in the finance industry, as this website gives up-to-date news and activities all over the world in the area of money.

What Can You Do at 

The website,, is the home website of Yahoo Finance, specifically having information about the US. From here, you can also access other country’s Yahoo finance sites, like Yahoo 7, for the Australia market, there are also websites dedicated for Ireland and other European countries, as well as Asia and Canada.

The USA website, as well as all the other countries’ sites, contain stock quotes, foreign exchange rates, corporate earnings, press releases, stock screener, historical data, economic calendar, futures calculation, currency conversion, charts, stock prices, bond price and message boards. It also has tools for personal finance management, which you can edit and manage according to your preference and needs. Here you can also find some help by asking through Yahoo Answers, which is also a part of the website. The US site is truly more complete, vs the other country’s Yahoo Finance site.

Yahoo Finance’s website does not end with providing these tools for the readers, they also have articles related to financing, self-help and management which can greatly help anyone improve their financial literacy. The developers of the website also made it easy for people to subscribe to their news and articles by putting RSS Feeds. Those who need documentation such as API or APIs can also print a page or pages conveniently because this is enabled by the website as well. To give you a deeper understanding of what Yahoo Finance website has, look at the tabs found in it:

Home Page. This tab contains a brief summary about what’s the recent happenings. It has Market Summary, which gives information about NASDAQ, S&P 500, 10 Yr Bonds, Oil and Gold. There are also news and stories as well as articles that give out tips and advices. There are videos and stocks watch as well.

Investing. This tab contains information about earning calendar, market coverage, statistics and events. An example of an event is upgrading/downgrading.

News. A tab that contains all the financial articles, anything, from stock options to investing ideas and taking care of your finances, you can find there.

Personal Finance. The tab that has all the tools that you will need in your quest to financial literacy. You can find rate calculators, how-to guides, and a chart of rates from mortgage, to credit cards and auto.

My Portfolios. The tab that lets you create your own portfolio and track the market. It does have a small fee though, but you can use it free for 30-days under their trial offer.

The best thing about Yahoo Finance is that it also makes sure to teach the basics, a glossary of terms is available where you can search for meanings of financial jargon, can also be found here. History of companies, can also be found easily through the Stock Research Center. So, if this is your first time using the site, and you don’t know what a ticker is, it’s not a problem with the Yahoo Finance site. Then once you find out about your preferred company’s ticker, just put it in the ‘Get Quote’ space, click on the button, and you’re on your way to finding out more information about that company. The ability to get quote is found on all tabs, thus it is just easy to locate.

Find Information from Yahoo Finance Canada 

The website, https://ca. finance, looks almost the same as its US counterparts. It also has the same tools and the same abilities, except of course, the news and company information are those specific to their country. Another notable difference, is the tab called “Perfect Cents” which is where the tips and advices can be found. This is like the personal finance tab of the Yahoo Finance US, except it does not have tools. The tab contains guides on saving on utilities, investing and preparing for retirement.

Canadians can also check the stock market through this site. There is also a ‘Get Quote’ button with space that will allow them to input the ticker of the company they follow so they can find updated stock or bond information. And of course, there is a Francais or French version, for Canadians who speaks French.

Using Yahoo Finance India

India, is slowly becoming a world-leader when it comes to investing and finance, thus, it is only right that they also get their own finance site, This site is closer in looks to the USA site, except of course, this contains information about India. You can convert Indian currency to US dollars, communicate in their message board and try beta test tools on their site.

On the other hand, you may notice that the Personal Finance tab of Yahoo Finance India, also does not have tools, however, it does have detailed information about mutual funds, taxes, insurance, loans and NRI. It is also easy to notice that not only is this site focusing on their country, the site also shows financial information about Asian countries like Hong Kong (HK) and the Philippines.

Get Stock Market Info from Yahoo Finance Dow Jones Industrial Average

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is very updated with financial information, from stocks to funds, you can never go wrong with this website. With that in mind, it is but right to look up information regarding the DJIA or Dow Jones Industrial Average using this site.

To give you a bit of an idea of what Dow Jones Industrial (DJI) is, it is a stock market index, that is also called DOW 30 because it is the index of how 30 large and publicly owned companies in the US have traded during the standard trading session of the stock market. It is almost similar to FTSE 100 of UK and Ireland.

The site contains all information regarding the DJIA like, Index Value, Trade Time, Change, Previous Close, Open, Day’s Range and 52 week Range. You can also find historical prices to the dates you specify. Company symbols can also be found on the site.

Aside from Dow Jones tickers, you can also find those from other indices like NASDAQ, S&P/TSX and NYSE using their Symbol Lookup tool. Here are some symbols we’ve looked up using the tool:

AAPL – Apple Inc.

ARAY – Accuray Inc.

BAC – Bank of America

BP- BP p.l.c

CTIC- Cell Therapeutics Inc

HD- Home Depot

DNDN – Dendreon Corporation

EPCT – Epicept Corporation

F- Ford Motor Company

FEED -AgFeed Industries

NOEC – New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp

MSFT – Microsoft Inc

GOOG- Google Inc

AIG- American International Group

GE- General Electric Company

GLD-SPDR Gold Trust

GS – Goldman Sachs Group Inc

GQEFX – GMO Quality Fund Class IV

PURE- Pure Bioscience Inc

SIRI- Sirius XM Radio Inc

SOMX – Somaxon Pharmaceuticals

STI – SunTrust Banks Inc

WAMUQ.PK – Washington Mutual

YRCW- YRC Worldwide

There are more companies on the market, thus, you can find more symbols and information on the site. The good thing about Yahoo Finance website is that you can more easily find them.

Why Use the Yahoo Finance Currency Converter

There are lots of currency converters in the world wide web. Just typing ‘currency converter’ in a search engine will bring you millions of results. However, using Yahoo Finance’s currency converter will bring you more accurate results. Since it is a finance site that deals with real-time information, undoubtedly, the currency converter is also up-to-date.

The finance industry, since it is so big, has a sea of facts and information to give out, thus, a website that can show accurate information is needed by those who are serious in being in the industry as a career or a business. And because this is all about money, which of course, most couldn’t afford to lose, just because of a wrong information published. For those working on improving their financial know-how, or trying to dive into investing, Yahoo Finance is the perfect site where you may find all that you need.

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