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Your credit score is such an important part of your financial life. Your very personal financial freedom is determined by that little 3 digit number called your credit score. A low credit score just complicates your financial life and who wants that. has come up with some good tips that should help you improve your credit score, credit rating and credit reports. We hear so often that people want to build up their credit scores but are not sure how to do it. A lot of people just need a road map that will head them in the right direction. If you follow the tips in our Simple Guide To Building Your Score you will have your road map.

Why You Want A Better Credit Score

Remember that the higher your credit score the better. A bad or low credit score hurts you in so many ways. First off, you waste money by paying more for everything. When you have a low credit score you are labeled as a bad risk, therefore, creditors charge you more for goods and services. You will pay more in rent, pay more on cell phone plans, cable tv plans and utilities. You will be charged higher mortgage interest rates and even higher car loan interest rates. Did you also know that your credit score can determine whether or not you get a job or a decent rate on your auto and home insurance premiums? Well it does. More and more employers are using credit scores and insurance companies run your credit to determine what to charge you. With that in mind, you want the best credit score you can possibly get.

Doing It Right

If you are just starting out, our credit score tips can help you make the right financial choices to improve your credit score not destroy it. If you approach your credit from a preventative approach, you can avoid the pain of having to clean up a credit score and credit rating mess later on. If you want to be able to successfully get a loan when you need to, be able to afford to pay your bills, and avoid living beyond your means, you need to make good financial decisions that build up your credit score not tear it down.

Anyone who manages their household finances can tell you that it’s no walk in the park. Managing your credit score is by no means an easy task either. If you do not know what is on your credit report. If you start to really do some investigating of your credit score and credit history you will begin to understand how to manage it. The most shocking part may be learning that there could possibly be things on your credit report that don’t even belong to you, but are affecting your financial life. The Team put this easy credit guide together to help you learn about credit, credit scores, credit reports and credit ratings so that you can alleviate some stress in your life.

Common Credit Questions & Concerns

There are a lot of common questions we get and you may have the same questions about credit, credit scores and credit reports. Our Credit Report 101 Guide will not only tell you how to improve your credit score, repair your credit rating but we also tell you where to go for help. Do any of the following questions credit concern you?

  • What is your credit score?
  • Where to find your credit score?
  • What percentage of your available credit should you actually use?
  • How much credit should you keep available?
  • Can I have too many credit cards?
  • Will it be hard for you to build up your credit score?
  • Is it possible to build up your credit score with credit cards?
  • How many credit cards is too many?
  • Can an installment loan build up your credit?
  • How important is paying your bills on time every month?
  • I’ve paid my credit card bill late once or twice, will that affect my credit score?
  • I had a bankruptcy, will that hurt my credit score?
  • We always carry a balance on our credit cards and just pay the minimum amount due, will that lower my score?
The questions and concerns about credit scoring are endless. Check out our Credit Report 101 Guide, it will help answer your questions.

You’re In Charge

Your path to financial freedom starts with you. The path to financial freedom starts when you take ownership of your credit score. You won’t need to pay for the help of any professionals if you follow our simple, easy to follow credit report guide. It will show you how to build credit history in ways that benefit you. There is no need to fear your credit cards, applying for a mortgage or financing a loan. As long as you do it the right way and follow our easy road map to success, eventually you will be able to set your finances on cruise control mode. And won’t that be nice!

When you turn your credit around and start hitting the high scores, you will be able to call the shots. You can negotiate for lower student loan rates, lower insurance premiums, lower mortgage rates and auto loan interest rates. When you save money on the goods and services you buy you will be able to invest some of that extra money for a rainy day. As you can see, working on your credit score is so important to your overall financial life. So don’t delay, get started as soon as you possible can. The first step is to order your credit reports from the 3 major credit reporting bureaus and then work from there. You have nothing to lose, you get a free credit report once a year from each of those credit bureaus. So what’s stopping you?


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