Improve Credit Score | Have More Money

Improve Credit Score | Have More Money

Do you always feel like you don’t have enough money to do all of the things you want to do.

  • You need money to buy your first home or make home improvements to your current home.
  • You know you should invest money for your retirement because no one will save for your retirement but you.
  • You want the best for your child so you want to save money for  your child’s college education.

But with all your good intentions, you just don’t seem to have enough money. And then just when you get a bonus or a raise that you think will get you ahead, it seems like your tax bill is due or unexpected medical bills come up or you need a new car that you didn’t forecast for. Ugh.

Since you can’t make enough money to buy everything you want, you can’t control your tax bill and unexpected expenses occur all the time…maybe you need to look at your financial picture from a different perspective.

Need More Money|New Financial Perspective

Improve Credit Score|Have More Money

One of the best ways to have more money is to improve credit score.  Your credit score is your financial barometer.   Financial institutions evaluate you based on your credit score.   These financial institutions charge you for their services based on your credit score.

Improve Credit Score | Have More MoneyIf your credit score is a good credit score, you will pay less for goods and services; thus have more money.   A good credit score shows financial institutions that you are a good risk so they won’t charge you as much.   A bad credit score tells financial institutions that you may not be financially responsible so they have to charge you more in fees to offset any financial risk that you may bring on.

If you save money on auto insurance or home insurance premiums, you will have more money to save for retirement.   If you save money on the interest you pay on an auto loan, again, you will have more money to invest in a new home.

How To Improve Credit Score|Keep More Money

Improve your credit score to get it above 750.   A good credit score is above 750, a perfect credit score is 850.   It’s been proven over and over that if your credit score is above 750 you will pay less for goods and services so you will keep more of your money.

If your credit score is between 350 and 750, to keep more of your money you need to seek out credit repair help to improve credit score.

One of the best ways to improve credit score is to know your credit score.  How to improve credit score is to start by ordering your free credit report once a year.  Once you know your credit score you can take the necessary steps to improve it.

Adjust Spending Habits

By adjusting your spending habits you will improve credit score.   By spending up to your credit card limits you lower your credit score.   By spending more on your credit card than you can afford to repay every month, you lower your credit score.


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