My New Year Resolution|Improve My Credit Score

New Year Resolution| Improve Credit Score

A new year is a perfect time to start over, begin fresh, change old habits.   A new year is the time to make new resolutions and commitments.

One of the most popular new year resolutions involves money in some way.  People resolve to save more money or to invest more money or to change their habits of spending so much money.

One way to save money that is often overlooked is improving your credit score.   Yes , you can save money by improving your credit score.  Most people don’t realize the impact credit scores have on their finances so they never give their credit scores a second thought.

To improve credit score you need to understand the basics of credit scores and credit reports.

How To Improve Credit Score

Step #1 – Order Your Free Credit Score

  • You can get a free credit score once a year.
  • The only place to find your credit score is on your credit report.
  • Order your free credit reports from each of the 3 national credit reporting agencies once a year.
  • The credit reporting agencies make ordering your free credit score very easy.   They have toll free numbers or you can also order your free credit score from their websites.

new year's resolution: improve credit scoreStep #2 – Clean It Up

  • When dealing with your credit scores, keep the numbers 350, 750 and 850 in mind.
  • You want to aim for a credit score above 750.
  • Financial institutions consider a score over 750 to be a good credit score.   A credit score of 850 is a perfect score.
  • A credit score between 350 and 750 is considered to be a bad credit score and in need of credit repair.

Step #3 – Get Credit Repair Help

  • If you feel overwhelmed, credit repair is available.
  • There are credit repair services that will help you improve your credit rating.
  • The credit repair services will work with you personally to help resolve any credit issues you may have.

Step #4 – Call Creditors

  • Explain to your creditors how you want to improve my credit score and need their help.
  • Maybe they will work out a payment plan with you that is easier for you to manage than their standard payment plan.

Step #5 – Stop Spending

  • If you have a credit score below 750 or close to 350, stop the bleeding…stop using your credit cards.
  • If the amount of credit card debt is what lowered your credit score to a bad rating, the last thing you want to do is add more debt.

Today is the best day to start your new years resolution.   Improve my credit score is a perfect resolution.   Order your free credit score as soon as you can to get started.


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