Who Can Afford Early Retirement?


Now Is The Time To Plan For Early Retirement


Now is the best time to plan for retirement
courtesy of businesscartoons

Seize The Moment

Everyone has the opportunity to retire early. The question is whether you seize that opportunity or waste it.The best time for retirement planning was yesterday; the second best time is today.

Cut Back|Max Out

If you have just started your career immediately sign up and start contributing to your retirement plan at work. Get your budget set to include those contributions before you rack up other expenses. Cut back your spending to find extra money for your investments.

If you are mid-way through your career max-out your contributions. Take full advantage of your employer’s match. You just can’t beat an employer match, it means free money for you.

Take responsibility for your retirement today so you can avoid ending up with outstanding debts when you’re ready to retire. It’s a curse to enter retirement with debt.


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