Everyone Can Achieve Early Retirement!!!???

Early retirement

Is Early Retirement An Impossible Dream?

It All Depends On How Bad You Want It

Most people dream about achieving retirement early, but many feel that it’s an impossible dream.   Is it?   It can be a challenge if you do not understand the financial game.

Passing Out Your Money

Unfortunately everyone wants your money; if you want to retire early you need to prioritize that demand for it.

Certain fixed expenses cannot be ignored.   You have to give some of your money away to your mortgage company if you want a home; your auto loan company if you want to drive a car; your insurance company if you want protection.

Your variable expenses are created by you and can be eliminated or downsized by you.   The perfect example is your credit card expenses; credit card balances exist due to spending more money than you have.

Your Financial Priorities|It’s A Personal Thing

You only earn so much money, if you want early retirement you may need to shift your financial priorities.   What are you working for?  Only you can decide that.

  • Are you working for the fun of it or have nothing better to do?
  • Are you working to buy nice stuff?
  • Are you working to live debt free?
  • Or are you working to earn and invest enough money so that someday you will never have to work again?

You can do it all you know; if you do it in moderation.

Downsize Your Lifestyle

Can’t find the extra money to invest into your retirement plans; then develop a more moderate lifestyle.   Learn to live on less then you earn.

You can retire early
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Frugal Money Management

To enjoy your life do you need constant luxury and stimulation…even though you cannot afford it?   If you can shrink or trim back on the luxury factor, you may be surprised about how much extra money you find for retirement investments.

Your Spending Habits Say It All

Early retirement demands meticulous spending habits during your working years.   Spending can overpower your desire to save money; which is why you have to develop good, solid spending habits.

  • Has eating out become a habit? Then kick the habit, eat out less.
  • Do you need the stimulation of extravagant vacations?  You can have fun without spending huge amounts of money.  Try it.
  • Do you overspend on gifts?  We all know it but tend to forget that it’s not the size of the gift but rather the thought that counts.

Credit Card Debt|Clean It Up

Credit card debt is such a waste of retirement investment money.   Credit cards make you feel like you can afford anything you want…and you can, with interest and fees.   Do you like spending your hard earned money on credit card interest and fees.   Or would you prefer to invest your hard earned money into your financial future?   You decide.

Retirement Here You Come

Make retirement investing a priority if you want to achieve early retirement.   Through thick and thin, market slumps, market turmoil…never stop investing.






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