Tired Of Working|Want Out|Retire Early

Retire early

Your retirement age may be a long way off, but then again maybe not.

Retirement is not based on age anymore, it’s also based on attitude.   If you are tired of working and want out of the work force, without the right amount of investment money you won’t be getting out.

The quicker you get serious about retirement planning the better.  Then when you get the “attitude” you will also have enough money to skip town.

To get serious about improving your financial position, check your attitude but also check your financial habits.  Are you managing your retirement money and your investments in a way that will yield you the best outcomes?  If not, you will be working a very, very, very long time.

Retirement With An Attitude Adjustment

  • Time Is Money|Do Not Delay

You can retire early
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The more time your money is invested in the market, the more money you will have accumulated by retirement age.    You cannot afford to delay investing.  The only money that will be there in your retirement plan when you reach retirement age is the money you invested 40 years prior.

  • Invest Today|Do Not Delay

The longer you delay the start of your retirement investing, the more painful you make it for yourself.   The negative effect of the delay increases the amount of money you will need to invest in order to achieve any decent accumulation.

  • Make It Easy|Stick To It

If you make retirement investing easy & effortless you are more likely to stick with it.   The easiest way to invest is to have your retirement plan contributions automatically withdrawn from your paycheck.  (Hot tip: you will not miss the money).

With automatic investing, you are saving first and spending second. But you must adjust your spending habits to work with the lower amount of money you receive in your pay check.   Don’t make the financial mistake of racking up your credit cards because your paychecks are less.

  • Invest, Invest, Invest and Invest Some More

Retire earlyInvest your extra’s.  Invest your bonuses, raises and tax refunds; you survived financially before you received that extra money so why change your spending habits.   (Hot tip: it’s not what you earned over your lifetime but what you kept that will count when you are ready to stop working).

  • Small Is Okay

It is okay to make small contributions to your retirement plans; it all adds up.  Sometimes investors get discouraged because they think they need to invest huge amounts of money to get any decent results.   That is so not true.  Don’t listen to that negativity.

  • Dollar Cost Average

Don’t change your investment amounts due to market conditions.  Stay consistent with your investment amounts every single paycheck, regardless of how the market is doing.

This type of investing is called dollar cost averaging because you will buy some shares at a high price, some at a low price.   Over the long-term this type of investing should average out to your advantage.

  • Get Your Tool Belt Ready

You need to use some retirement planning tools to monitor your progress.   A retirement calculator is one of the best retirement tools.   A retirement calculator will get you an estimate.   It will show you approximately how much money you need to save today so that you are financially ready when you are tired of working.

You can be your best friend financially or you can be your own worst enemy.   You have the ultimate control over when you quit working, not your boss, not your neighbor, not your friends or family…but you!

You work for a reason, you invest for a reason, take control over your financial future…when you get the attitude, you want to be able to afford to get out.



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