Discount Your Way To Cheap Car Insurance

How to get cheap car insurance

How do you get cheap car insurance?  By discounts of course!!  But how do you get the discounts?

Believe it or not, you control the way to get discounts thus cheap car insurance.

You control your credit score, your driving record, your choice of coverage and much more.

Different insurance companies offer different discounts. Some insurance companies are conservative with their discounts because discounts mean cheap car insurance for you. And then again some insurance company’s are very liberal with their discounts.

Let’s review some of the standard discounts offered in the insurance industry.

Discounts Available To You

Your Credit Score

  • Insurance companies are starting to take credit scores very seriously.
  • A bad credit score to insurance companies signals carelessness or irresponsibility.
  • A bad credit score is below 750.
  • Carelessness to a car insurance company means more claims.
  • Claims cost insurance companies money, it lowers their profits, so they take credit scores into consideration when they are determining premiums.
  • To get cheaper car insurance, shoot for a credit score above 750.
  • A credit score above 750 is considered a good credit score by the insurance industry.
  • Your credit reports tell you financial story.
  • Order your free credit report once a year.
  • You can order free credit reports from each of the 3 national credit reporting agencies.

Your Annual Mileage

  • Cheap InsuranceLow Annual Mileage is a discount that will help you obtain cheap car insurance.
  • Each insurance company has their threshold for low annual mileage.
  • The insurance company lowers the premium when your vehicle is used less often.
  • If your car is used less there are less chances for accidents; so fewer claims thus cheap car insurance for you.

Number Of Cars Insured

  • Two or more cars on the same policy is a way to get cheap car insurance.
  • Statistics show that you are more responsible because you have more at stake.


  • If you insure your auto and home with the same insurance company, you will get a multi policy discount on your auto policy.
  • You may also get a discount on your home insurance.
  • You should ask the insurance agent about any discounts they may offer if you also buy your life insurance from them.
  • Other policies you can ask about for additional discounts would be umbrella insurance policies, boat insurance, commercial insurance.   You never know unless you ask.
  • Insurance companies would prefer to have all of your insurances, for profit purposes of course, but also for risk control.   If they insure everything, they can control your risk levels.

Ahh, Your Driving Record

  • A clean driving record is another way to get cheap car insurance.
  • Your insurer figures that history will repeat itself and you will continue to have a clean driving record.
  • Fewer claims for the insurance company to payout on results in cheap car insurance for you.


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