Little Known Secrets About Credit Repair Help

Little Known Secrets About Credit Repair Help

Why do you need credit repair help?   If your credit scores are below 750 you have bad credit and you do need credit repair help.  If you don’t take the steps to improve your credit you could be destroying your financial future.

You need credit repair because you will pay more for goods and services if you have a poor credit rating. With bad credit you will have a difficult time getting ahead financially.   A good credit score is above 750 according to the 3 national credit reporting agencies.

Why You Need Credit Repair:


  • Your application for an auto or student loan could be declined if you have a poor credit rating.
  • You may not qualify for a mortgage loan with low credit scores.
  • Without credit repair if your mortgage loan does get approved, it may be approved with a higher interest on the loan.


  • More and more employers are reviewing credit scores before deciding on hiring someone.
  • You could have a more difficult time getting a job without repairing your bad credit.
  • You could be the perfect candidate based on your resume, but could lose the job offer due to poor credit.

Insurance Premiums

  • Insurance companies take bad credit very seriously.
  • If you have a bad credit rating and do not get credit repair help, you could find yourself paying higher insurance premiums on your auto, home, boat and personal umbrella insurance policies.
  • Insurance companies believe that a poor credit score is a reflection of someone who could often be late on their payments and perhaps file more claims.


  • Utility companies can and do charge higher rates for their services if someone has a bad credit score.
  • The utility companies labels someone with a bad credit score as risky.
  • Someone with bad credit may be a late or non payer.

Interest Rates

  • You will definitely pay higher interest rates on your credit card balances and your loans when you have poor credit.
  • Creditors need to cushion loans and credit cards to offset late-pays and non-pays.  They build the cushion by raising the interest rates for individuals with bad credit.

Your credit report tracks your financial life.   Since your credit reports can affect your ability to get loans, good insurance premiums and sometimes employment, you need to take all steps necessary to get credit repair help.  Find some credit repair services to help you improve your credit scores.

Credit repair starts with reviewing your credit reports.   A credit report shows your payment history, late pays, charge offs, loan defaults, collection accounts, tax liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures; all of which affects your credit scores.

If you already have bad credit, do not despair you can repair it.

  1. Start by ordering a free credit report once a year from the 3 national credit reporting agencies.
  2. Review the credit report for errors.
  3. If there are errors notify the 3 credit reporting agencies immediately.
  4. Notify the credit reporting agencies in writing, they have 30 days to reply.
  5. The credit reporting agencies just report the information they receive, they are not obligated to correct it.
  6. It is up to you to correct inaccurate information on your credit reports; that’s all a part of you taking responsibility for your credit repair.


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