RV Insurance & Boat Insurance

RV Insurance & Boat Insurance


RV insurance and boat insurance are different insurances and yet similar in many ways. The differences between the two insurances occur in the perils covered; which is based on where they are operated. RV’s are operated on land and boats on water. For example storm claims would be more common on a boat insurance policy than on an RV insurance policy due to the boat being in the water so much. Another difference in the types of perils covered can be because RV’s are garaged more often than boats are.


The two insurances are similar in that they are generally used for recreational purposes and both are operated outdoors. This outdoor use increases the exposure to the elements, possible theft and possible vandalism. Fire, theft and vandalism should be covered under both RV insurance and boat insurance. Check with your agent.

Another similarity is that both of these recreational vehicles use trailers for transportation. So both insurances need to add on a trailer policy in addition to the RV and boat insurance policy.


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