RV Insurance & Boat Insurance

RV Insurance & Boat Insurance

RV Insurance, Boat Insurance, Insurances

RV insurance and boat insurance are two insurances that can be purchased directly through an insurance agent or indirectly by going online. Many insurance companies will allow you to start an insurance quote for an RV or Boat online; complete the application online but then require you to finalize the process of purchasing the insurance through one of their local agents. Premiums for both insurances can be calculated differently; but the premium amounts are usually the same whether you purchase directly or indirectly.

Premiums are either calculated on an annual basis or a seasonal basis. Insurance companies and policyholders disagree about this coverage issue all the time. Policyholders believe that they should only be insured and only pay for premiums during the time they use the vehicle – – – the season. But insurance companies understand that perils can arise even during the off-season. The risk of an occurrence does not stop at the end of a season and pick up again at the beginning of a season. Because the risk of an occurrence is constant, many insurance companies have their RV insurance and Boat insurance policies set up to run on an annual basis vs a seasonal basis. If the policyholder has a loan on the RV or boat, the finance company requires insurance on an annual basis.


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