Reinsurance & Cover Insurance Needs

Reinsurance & Cover Insurance Needs

Cover Insurance NeedsCan you personally get reinsurance? Do you want or need this type of insurance? No and No. Reinsurance is the insurance that insurance companies buy to protect their insurance needs. You as an individual buy auto insurance or homeowners insurance to cover insurance needs you may have. Insurance companies buy reinsurance from specialty insurance companies that sell just reinsurance policies.

Our society has become such a litigious society that everyone needs insurance to protect themselves from everything and everybody.

Property Casualty insurance protects your assets – your home, your auto. Property casualty insurance also protects you if your liable for damage to other people’s property. Life insurance can be used to protect you if you live or die. The cash value in a permanent life insurance policy can be used for your retirement. If you die, your life insurance policy pays out a death benefit to your beneficiaries.

If you own a business, you absolutely need commercial insurance to protect your assets and liabilities.

Insurance is essential today. Do not be without insurance. Do not go unprotected.


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