Beyond Investing in Robotics: Why and How?

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The world of automated robotics is thriving. Businesses are steadily turning to robotic equipment, from performing product-manufacturing tasks to service jobs. Astute investors are following these changes and capitalizing on investment opportunities.

Investing in robotics is in a sense, investing in the future. What were once theories reserved for science fiction novels, are now today’s reality. Here’s the how and why of successfully investing in robotics.

The Reasons Why You Should Invest in Robotics

Automation has taken over a number of industrial jobs already. The prospects for robotic systems in all types of businesses continue to increase rapidly. Investing in robotics is like investing in the future and here’s why.

1. The Next Technological Revolution

If you’ve been paying attention the last couple of decades, you’re well aware of the impact of technology. It has changed the way we communicate and especially the way we make things.

All you have to do is consider how the Internet has changed the world since the WorldWideWeb was launched in the early 1990s. Automated robotics has already pushed its way into our lives. Investing in robotics is investing in the next technological revolution.

2. Rapidly Evolving

The prospect of technological improvements in robotic systems is overwhelming, rapidly evolving every day. Many agree the age of robots started quietly in the 1980s, progressing slowly, in part because of a fear generated by Sci-Fi tales of fiction.

By early 2000 though, the industry had rocketed into prevalence, smart robots beginning to assume hundreds of detailed tasks. Today automated robotic systems have evolved so quickly they already can take our fast-food orders.

As computer technology improves, robotic systems will become smaller and work more efficiently. The rapid evolution of robotics will make them able to ultimately operate with little or no human input.

3. Becoming a $500 Billion Industry

Another obvious reason to invest in robotics is the fact it is currently the fastest growing billion-dollar industry in the world. Last year alone there was over $600 million invested in private robotics companies. Considering the rapidity of evolution, of what many call the next technological revolution, the time to “get in the ground floor” is fading.

4. The Growth of Artificial Intelligence

The single thing most responsible for the rapid evolution of robotics into a multi-billion dollar industry centers on artificial intelligence (AI). Robotic systems need to be able to intelligently perform whatever task they are given. Until that point, mistakes and errors in judgment outweighed the efficiency of humans.

AI is no longer something of think-tank conjecture. It is real and it the technology behind it is changing swiftly. As the ability to intelligently program automated systems improves, so too will the profitability of investing in robotics.

How to Successfully Invest in Robotics

To successfully profit from investing in robotics you need to follow a few guidelines. These are not concrete investment theories, because the landscape of investing in robotics is a little different from normal stock investments. It will help ensure the success of your investments if you follow these simple tips.

1. Large Businesses vs. Small Businesses

Since the technology surrounding robotic systems is changing so rapidly, large companies are better able to absorb unforeseen expenses. Incorporating robotics technology into the company’s daily operations will have an initial expense.

These can be burdensome on profit margins, while the company implements a form of robotics. Beginning investors in robotics should lean towards larger, more established companies who can withstand the costs of change.

2. Domestic vs. Global

In the same light as large vs. small businesses, seeking out investment opportunities in businesses that profit from robotics on a global scale makes good sense. When a company has the financial stability to operate globally, they are already in a position to navigate the world of robotic automation with a higher degree of success.

3. Study Expense Ledgers

If an investor really wants to apply a high degree of safety to investing in robotics, scour the expense ledgers for companies that are leaning towards automation. If expense ledgers contain a very high number for employee wages and other worker related expenses, analyze where this company proposes to utilize automated robotics.

Corporate executives are notoriously interested more in the bottom line than they are the workers. If you sense a company is preparing to fully automate a line of production with robotics, the year-end earnings may increase rapidly since the money to pay the line workers is now profit.

4. Solving a Global Problem

There are robotic systems that are already analyzing data and studying problems important to the world. Since these industries often have the support of governmental policies, their chances for success are good.

Watch for situations where a company is using automated robotics to solve an issue that is plaguing mankind. These are frequently smart ventures for investing in robotics.

5. Labor Shortage

Pay attention to global investment opportunities when it comes to companies that may need to employ automated robotic systems. There are places in the world where robotic systems may not replace actual humans; they may be spurred into use because there simply aren’t enough people to complete the work.

When there is a worker shortage in a country, it can indicate there is a high probability automated robotics may soon be on the horizon. These are places where you can benefit from getting in early and reaping windfall profits.

6. Seek a Robo Advisor

With the boom in robotic automation, there are now financial advisors who specialize in investing in robotics. If you’re looking for investment advice focused on robotics, look to a robo advisor for help.

These individuals study the market trends and know the companies that are at the forefront of automation. They can help steer you towards the most profitable investment opportunities.

Summing Up

Investing in robotics is investing in the future of the world. Technology is improving automated systems so rapidly, many are cost effective alternatives to laborious jobs performed by humans. It doesn’t necessarily mean the company you want to invest in is sending their people packing, but it does mean that future profits could be appealing.

Study the trends, avoid small companies who are just venturing into forms of automation, and pay attention to situations that promote worldly improvements. These are solid suggestions for turning a profit when investing in robotics.

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