Best Places To Retire


Finding the Best Place to Retire Infographic Preview

Retirement Limits?

Ahh, retirement, that dreamy place where you have no limits. Your time is yours. You can do anything you want; you can go your own way. Sounds fantastic, no limits on anything. Well, that only works if you can afford it. You need money to live the dream retirement. If your source of money is limit, your lifestyle will also be limited. Enjoying retirement is all about affording retirement. If you cannot afford the home values or the cost of living in that place you will call home, you will have a very limited retirement.

Stop, Calculate, Move On

Before you take one more step into dream-land you have some pre-retirement homework to do. You need to calculate your expenses and find a place to live where your purchasing power packs the strongest punch. Determine what you really can afford before ending your career, selling the house your kids grew up in and changing your mailing address.

Your Retirement, Your Way

To make your pre-planning a bit easier has done some of your homework for you. We have compiled a list of expenses, home values and a cost of living index from various cities across the country. Check it out. You may be surprised on what you can afford.


Finding the Best Place to Retire Infographic (Click for full size)





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