Can You Erase Retirement Planning Mistakes?


Make Retirement Planning Count

eliminate retirement mistakes
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Maximize Your Work Years

You only get 40 working years to save enough money for approximately 30 retirement years. You cannot erase 40 years of non-planning when you are ready to retire.

If you want enough money to live on during your retirement years you cannot let yourself off the hook planning for it.

The only money that will be there for you at retirement is the money you saved. There will not be a fairy-God-mother handing out money at your retirement…although some folks think social security will be there for them. Make the smart financial decision, don’t count on social security, count on yourself.

Stop Erasing Your Financial Mistakes

If you keep setting financial goals but keep erasing them and do not follow through than you are making a huge financial mistake.

Again, the only money that will be there at your retirement is what you sent ahead. If your goal is to sign up for your retirement plan at work or to increase contributions to a current plan than do it! You are responsible for saving enough money to last throughout your retirement years. If you cannot count on yourself then who else can you count on?

Retirement Takes A Lifetime

Retirement planning takes the first half of your life and living the retirement dream takes the second half. You will never be able to stop working long enough to live the dream if you do not save enough money.

Time Is Money

The best time to save money for retirement is when you start your very first job. The younger you are when you start saving the more time your investments will have to grow. The second best time to save money is right now. If you have not signed up for your retirement plan at work, do it immediately. Time is money.


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