Do You Get Retirement?


What Are You Missing About Retirement?

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Isn’t it true that you work so that some day you can retire. Most people get that part. What many people miss is the time shortage. You only get so many years to work and save for retirement. If you fail to use your 40 working years to save enough money to last your 30 retirement years you will either never retire or if you do, have a very boring retirement due to lack of money.

Investing enough money to retire is not a difficult task. It can be accomplished by anyone with desire, patience and persistence.

Hire Someone To Do It

Nowadays you can hire someone to do almost anything for you. You can hire a landscaper to cut your grass, cleaning company to tidy up your home and even a service to deliver your groceries.

What you cannot hire someone to do for you is create the desire to save for your retirement. You can hire a financial adviser to guide you on proper investment selection but that adviser cannot build the desire in you to start investing and to stay on course.

Take It On

You can attend financial workshops, follow financial blogs and watch financial television shows but unless you actually take on the responsibility of saving money, you will not achieve.

You are responsible for your retirement investing, no one else is. Nobody cares about your retirement as much as you do. If you do not take on the responsibility of investing for your retirement who do you think will?

Don’t Over Think It

You don’t need fancy formulas, power point presentations or asset allocation models. You don’t need a team of financial planning experts who may charge you more than they are worth. You just need financial common sense. Successful retirement investing is as easy as 1-2-3.

One, consistently invest regardless of market conditions. Markets go up and down but if you stay invested in the market it all adds up. Besides, those ups and downs are just paper losses and gains until you actually withdraw the money.

Two, ignore the opinions of others. The old saying is true, those that can’t succeed talk about it. You know what you want so stay on course. Invest early and often and you will see slow but positive results.

And three, forgive yourself if you make investment mistakes. Every investor makes mistakes, if you didn’t than you would be perfect.

Money Is Power

If you save enough money you will have the power to retire whenever and where ever you want to. If you want that kind of financial power start investing for your retirement today.


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