How Women Shrink Their Retirement Gaps

Retirement gaps in women

Women Can Shrink The Retirement Gap

A retirement gap is not a permanent issue, it can be resolved if approached properly.

#1 – Catch Up In Other Ways

Women may earn less money in the work force than men do but that does not mean they have to also save less money. If you want to enjoy a comfortable retirement someday you will need to be better at saving money. You will need more money because you will live longer than men so why wait to prepare for the inevitable?

#2 – Pay Yourself First

Learn how to manage your saving and spending habits properly. Pay yourself first by investing money into your retirement account before spending on anything else. Avoid the bad financial habit of investing what’s leftover after you’ve paid your bills. Reverse that habit; invest in your retirement account first, then pay your bills with what is left over. You can accomplish this by living within your means.

#3 – Invest Early

women retirement gaps

Do you know the criteria necessary in order to invest money into a retirement account? Receiving a W2 form for your wages or salary. That’s right, you could be working part-time and still be eligible to invest into a retirement account. You do not have to delay investing into a retirement account until you have completed your education and started your career. You could start right now. Get on the fast track to retirement, start investing for it as early as you possibly can.

#4 – Never Stop Learning

If you want to shrink your retirement gap you have to take action. No one cares about your gap more than you do. Read about investing; take classes; subscribe to money magazines; never be afraid to ask questions.

When women embrace a concept they are magnificent at executing it. There is no reason why women cannot get ahead of these retirement gaps that exist. By saving more, paying themselves first, investing early and learning all they can about investing, retirement planning and money management they can shrink their retirement gaps and retire with enough money to enjoy comfortable retirement years.


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