Does Retirement Have To Be Your Finish Line?

Retirement, the finish line

Retirement, The Ultimate Finish Line

Most people dream about the perfect retirement life about half way through their career. When the work days get longer and longer, the work become tedious and you start to wonder where all the time went, you start dreaming about what life will be like once you retire. You dream about all of the free time you will have once you stop working. You think about all those things you saved up to do at retirement. You will be able to start those hobbies you waited to start, make up on all the golfing you passed up and implement all of the travel plans you put on hold while working.

Sounds like the perfect plan. But what if it doesn’t work out that way? Do you have to wait until you retire to live the retirement lifestyle? Is it possible to live that lifestyle before retiring? Maybe!?

What Is Retirement Anyway?


Are you tired of giving yourself an ultimatum…retire or work? Wouldn’t it be easier to incorporate a retirement lifestyle with your work life? That all depends upon how you define retirement. Most folks define it as a time to relax, a time of leisure, a time to get-a-way. If your dream retirement is to become a couch potato then obviously you cannot incorporate the two lifestyles. However if you envision more relaxation and leisure time why wait until your retirement years to do that?

Theoretically during your working years you should be in better health because you are younger. Think about it, as you get closer to retiring you will be older and maybe less mobile so waiting to do all of the things you love to do until you retire may not be in your best interest.

Relaxation Management

Living a retirement lifestyle while working is possible if you keep everything in perspective. Understand that relaxing can be accomplished without a lot of money. Even though we are continually told that real leisure has to be extravagant, it’s not true. The only ones telling us that we need extravagance is the advertisers selling their vacation packages, spa treatments and retirement lifestyle visions.

It’s A Balancing Act

Transitioning your work life does not mean ignoring your financial responsibility of saving money. Living the work-retirement lifestyle will still require some financial discipline. With the right approach you can work, relax and squirrel away money for a full-time retirement if you want it some day. It’s a balancing act, not an ultimatum.


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