Social Security Under Warning


Social Security Warningsocial security warning


Do You Believe Everything You Read?

Warning, warning social security is failing. Your retirement planning will be a lot easier to manage if you just forget about social security. Plan for not having it then if it happens to still be in existence when you retire consider it bonus money. But don’t include social security money in your calculations.

They Told Us

We have been told for years that the social security fund is running out of money. We never believed it. However maybe now that the politicians are threatening to reduce social security benefits investors are starting to believe the stories they’ve been told.

True Or False

Whether the stories about social security going bankrupt are true or not, the best financial advice anyone can ever give you is to take care of yourself. Do not rely on anyone for financial support; especially the government. When you rely upon yourself for your own financial wherewithal you have more control.

Focus On What You Control

If you save a lot of money during your working years you will not care about the social security fund. If you save enough money to support yourself during your retirement years any money you get from social security will be incidental. That will give you a secure, stress free retirement.

Start saving for your retirement today, right now, you will be glad you did.


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